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Help me choose a new logo!

You know my Crafty Chica logo, the chica with the braid and the crafty basket? Well, I’ve been bugging Patrick to update it for me with a new hairstyle. I’m down for the braids and all, but they are just alittle too old school for me.

So here are three sketches he made up for me. Which one do you like best and why?

Here is what I’m asking you to think of….

I want this logo to have mass appeal, be culturally cool without being stereotypical, be fresh, hip and contemporary without tryng too hard. Retro-ish without being old school. It doesn’t have to LOOK like me, but I want it to relay the crafty chica spirit of color, personality, culture and all around craftiness.

My dream is to have this image on a book cover or on packaging for a product line, on national ads in magazines, on T-shirts, etc. I want it to be appealing for people shopping at Target, as well as an indie Chicano book store. Or Puerto Rican bookstore, you get what I mean, right?

OK, so here are the pictures . Which do you like best?

I posted some pictures on my MySpace blog and got all kinds of great feedback! Patrick and I came up with some extra sketches basedon the feedback. Thank you to anyone who posted there who is reading this!

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5 thoughts on “Help me choose a new logo!”

  1. I like 5, 6, and 7, but 7 the best. Number 6 looks a little too punk for me, but I love the hairstyles on these images, the necklaces, and those heart tattoos on the upper arms.


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