INTERVIEW: Novelist Mary Castillo

Mary Castillo, Berta Platas, Lynda Sandoval and Sofia Quintero are my new heroines!

These lovely ladies are the co-authors of the new anthology, Names I Call My Sister ($13.95, Avon Trade, paperback)

If you’ve been read my blog throughout the years, you know it’s my wildest dream to be a published fiction author someday. These ladies had that wild dream too – and now they are living it! They each have their own book careers (Google their names!!) and have come together for this NEW title that hits bookshelves today!

I sent an email this weekend to Mary asking if she’d answer some questions for my blog. It was a super quick turnaround, and she came through. Although, she is a fan of Wonder Woman, so I’m not surprised!

Please, buy a copy of this book and enjoy the interview too!

How did the book come about?
MARY: I got the idea at a wedding while listening to a conversation at a neighboring table! When I came up with my sisters, Dori and Sela, I knew the story didn’t lend itself to a full novel. So I thought why not create the framework of sisterly stories and ask my author buddies if they’d like to create an anthology.

Dori and Sela? Please spill!
My story is “Till Death Do Us Part” and it’s about Dori and Sela Orihuela, aka “those wild Orihuela girls.” Even though they’re adults, they can’t shake their reputations. When they decide to compete for the tall, dark and handsome hottie at the bar, they realize their saintly sister-in-law may not be all that seems.

Do you craft, do you like to make anything?
Cooking is my craft. One of my favorite times of the day is to walk about of my office and into the kitchen and get all of my ingredients prepped for dinner. Working with my hands – smelling the food, hearing it sizzle and tasting it as a I go along – helps me transition out of my makebelieve world into the present.

How does cooking compare to writing?
I spend more time prepping to write a story or cook a dish than I do writing or cooking! Some stories take longer than others and the same goes for some dishes.

Why should people buy this book today?

First, you get four stories in one book. How’s that for a deal? Also, if you’ve never read me but you love Lynda’s work, than you also get to try new authors. Also, these stories are about women who win. In “Till Death Do Us Part”, Dori wrestles with her past: her pre-ordained role in her family, her former love and her ties to her sister. I won’t give away the ending but…

What is your next project?

I’m really excited about my next book, Switchcraft because it’s very different from my other work. Think about this: If you switched lives with your best friend, would you clean out her messy life (including the losers she has been dating)? Or would you sneak a peek at her hottie husband just because you always wondered… That’s the premise of Switchcraft when best friends, Nely and Aggie accidentally switch bodies at a New Age retreat. It
comes out October 1st.

I’m loving it just because ithas the word “craft” in the title! Do you have an easy cooking tip you’d like to share?

If you buy fresh herbs from the store – or clip some from your garden – store the extra in a glass of water with some plastic wrap drapped over the top. Keep them in the fridge for up to a week. If you don’t use them and they’re okay, grind them up into a pesto or chimichurri that you can freeze.
Kathy 🙂

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