It’s only Saturday?

That’s actually a good thing. This has been the craziest week ever! It has been like The Amazing Race: Life in the Craft Lane.

Last week at this time, I was in NYC. I came home Tuesday morning with a 103 temperature (from the flu!). I then had to cover American Idol for the newspaper Tuesday and Wednesday night, and then hop on a plane to Cali (yay, Fresno!) the next morning at 7.

I worked non-stop with my superhero co-workers designing and planning out ultra cool crafty stuff from 10 a.m. Thursday morning all the way until 2:30 p.m. today. Well, I did have a few breaks! Anyway, my hands are shaky, I’m seeing double and there is glitter in my teeth (don’t ask), but I LOVED every second of the experience!

At 3:47 p.m. I climbed the narrow rickety metal staircase and entered the US Airways Express plane for home (yay, Phoenix!). Patrick picked me up at 6 p.m., we went grocery shopping, came home, plopped on the couch and watched Forrest Gump on cable. I normally don’t just sit and watch a movie on cable, especially with commericals, but I was too exhausted to get up and do anything else. At this moment, I’m washing DeAngelo’s work clothes for tomorrow because he goes in early. So I’m blogging as a way to keep my eyelids open until the machine is stops.

I just checked my MySpace account and Mrs. Gama sent me a picture of her Day of the Dead wedding cake featuring the topper that Patrick for her! That cake topper is one of the most popular items on our web site. more and more people are having muertos themed weddings. It may sound gruesome, but really they are looking at it as being married together forever in the living as well as the afterlife – and that is a good thing!

This weekend I was excited because I finally got to take a decent peek at the new Martha Stewart craft collection. I had heard she had some Latin-themed items on her line and I gasped when I saw them. Very cute indeed. They are mostly party favor type items and decorated in citrus colors and have a slick papel picado design and say “Viva la fiesta”. I was most excited about the mini-matchbox party favor kit, because the matchboxes are slightly larger than your average grocery store/charcoal aisle version.

“Imagine the possibilities!”, I thought. Later, I discovered Martha’s are actually little sheets paper that you fold into what looks like a matchbox. I would like to see Ms. S on live TV, open a package of them. Assemble, put stuff in them AND slide them in their little paper cases. I couldn’t master the task. Oh well, at least they look cute!
And no, I’m not pouring a glass of Haterade for Martha! I’m just sayin’…

My flurry of 24/7 activity does not end. This weekend I have to crank out a month’s worth of craft colmuns and then I have a couple days to produce 25 illustrations. Bring it on! I’m ready 😉

OK, I’m off to post my Crafty Chica of the week and then the washer should be done so I can fall in my bed, click off the lights and suck the drapes off the walls with my long winded power-snoring.

Here’s a head’s up though: I’m running way behind on EVERYTHING this week. So if you are expecting anything from me (email, phone call, a mocha meeting), chances are it will take longer than usual. I have a lot of chica e-mail questions from crafty folks, so I’ll post those here this week.

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Love & light,

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