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Photo property of The Arizona Republic, Betty Beard

Check out this beautiful slideshow and story about murals in Guadalupe, a town in the east valley.

We have this long brick fence in our back yard and everytime we barbeque out there, Patrick and I talk about painting a mural just like this on it. If it weren’t for the summer temperature, I’d probably head out there right now and get started!

On a separate note – today is my official first day not being an official employee of the Republic! Where are my tissues? Yesterday, my former co-workers sent me off in style with a huge glittered card (literally, it was the size of a poster board!), a double fudge chocolate cake and all kinds of warm wishes. I knew it was good cake, I could smell it. i waited until I was done talking to everyone and then my friend, Mignon and I, went into the cafeteria and ate a piece in peace. Oh, mama – it was damn good cake.

I’ve always shared links to my newspaper stories here and I know some of you are thinking “Why in the heck would you ever leave that job?” – well anyday now I’ll be able to share why. Believe me, it had to be something big and way exciting, because I had always planned on staying at the newspaper forever!! But when you pray for “the next level” to come, sometimes you have to let go of something you love to make room for the something new and wonderful to come into your life. That was the case here.

Many local people have written me asking if I left because of the changes at the paper. The answer is NO. When the changes went down, I was blessed in that I got the job I wanted, making it even harder to leave!!! I started as a tearsheet clerk 12 years ago, and because of all my editors and co-workers who helped me along the way, I ended up with a BA, a reporter job title and a nationally syndicated craft column. All of that led to this post right here. Anyway, so now it is up to me to do good and make them all proud! And yes, I will still be writing the craft column that will run every Saturday in the Home section (and on Gannett News Service), as always.
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