Overwhelmed. And loving it.

I am so behind on my blogging. All day as things happen, I think “Oooh, I have to blog this!” but then bedtime comes and I just want to crash and snore.

My life is one heck of a crazy rollercoaster these days. Glitter and sequins are spilling out of my pockets and I don’t even have time to clean up after myself. Somehow I thought leaving my job at the newspaper would free up, oh an extra 24 hours per day. Wrong. I feel even busier than when I wrote feature stories all day. Side note: I do kinda miss the movie screenings, but once I get my groove on with my new lifestyle, I plan to incorporate crafty cinema in the mix.

Let me bring you up to date. OK, I told you about the Crafty Chica product line with Duncan, right? Oh, my crafty chiquitas, it is a dream come true, I LOVE my new job so much. There are more than 100 products in the line and they’ve all come out of brainstorming sessions between me and the gurus at Duncan. They are a wicked cool staff who can crunch sales figures, tell you about the latest trend from Japan, the chemical components of glue, and what color of fabric paint sells best. All while eating cake. I worship them and it’s intimidating to keep up with those standards. I’m trying. I go to bed dreaming about new, sleek designs for glue guns and paint bottles. How many different ways can one person use glitter? I want to find out for myself! All this adds up to long days. I’m not only trying to think of new, fabulous ideas, but I’m also literally building objects from scratch to be manufactured. I want everything with the Crafty Chica label to be wild, funky, colorful, sparkly, DIFFERENT and to have the “OMG, I have to have this!!!” gasp factor.

Patrick is doing most of the illustrations, and the talented Duncan designers are helping too, but I’m also working the watercolors for the line. It’s all about feeling good inside, and expressing it on the outside. That’s the message I want to relay.

That is the biggest loop of my rollercoaster, the upside corkscrew loop. I do that during daylight hours. The other loops come at night and are as follows: I’m proofing my fiction manuscript – hunting for adjectives and typos. I’m on my third printer cartridge. Any day now my manuscript will be sent off to book editors and I want it to be perfect. I even created these little chapter headings.

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Like it? I made 52 of them, one for every chapter head. I didn’t need to do that, but I am just so excited about this novel that I had to show it in more than words. Although, to editors, it all comes down to the words.

So…when I’m not buried under that, I’m working on a trend report for a new committee I’m on for the Craft and Hobby Association.

And then I’m designing a tablecloth, chairs and napkins for a mock quince next month at the summer CHA show. And then there is my weekly craft column. Not to mention, I’m starting my new book, plus I just found out that the TV show production company I’m working with has a BIG meeting with a BIG cable network I LOVE – about a possible Crafty Chica webisode series. so between now and this weekend, I have to come up with a list of kick ass ideas for segments. Eee gads, I almost forgot that this weekend I have to make a family reunion cookbook project for Soho Publishing, and then I have a meeting with the Phoenix Craft Mafia on Saturday (yay, I’m a new member!), as well as my little niece’s birthday party. On Sunday, my nana wants me to take her shopping and my cousin is getting a C-section for her twins. *Sending a prayer your way, Steph…*

With all of this going on at the same time (and laundry, house cleaning, paperwork, cooking), I need to figure out what to do with our online store. It has always been the backbone of of what Patrick and I do and I can’t imagine trimming off that branch of this huge tree. But it costs us more than $100 a month – and we don’t even have time to fill orders anymore. I’m thinking of moving it to Etsy/PayPal and just posting items as we make them, instead of having people order from our sample pictures. Bottom line? If you have any of our original art, hang on to it, because it won’t be as readily available as in the past.

Oh gosh, I just realized I also have 100 centerpieces to paint this summer. I need to end this post right now, I’m getting dizzy just thinking about everything! Plus I have a craft segment on Good Morning Arizona tomorrow and I have to get up at 6.

When I sent a message to the universe asking to live a crafty life, this is what happened. I wouldn’t trade it for all the milagros in Mexico.
Author of Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life ($19.95, Rayo Books, an imprint of Harper Collins).

Love & light,

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