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Domino Prayer Shrines


I *heart* making shrines from small objects. Dominoes are perfect because they have a smooth surface, which begs for embellishment. For these little puppies, I used some holographic saint stickers I bought on Olvera Street last fall. Sigh… I miss Olvera Street.


Anyhoo – they were the perfect size for the dominoes! One one of them, I glued a hinge, and the other one I glued standing up. You could do all kinds of things with them – stamp on them, emboss, etc.
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3 thoughts on “Domino Prayer Shrines”

  1. awwww, how cute is that? now if you can only figure out how to make tiny little pillar candles, and an itsy bitsy rosery.. and dont forget the teeny weeny tamales.. or the mini cervesa…

  2. How cool! An awesome idea is to make a small shrine with images and thoughts from a dream you had while sleeping…and keep it with you as a reminder as you go through the day! You could have it on your desk at work…or carry it with you in your purse…or have it on your bedstand!

  3. I found your site by searching for a set of dominoes to buy with The Virgin of Guadalupe on them. These are awesome. You should consider making/selling full sets (28 dominoes). They would all have to be the same icon or have enough duplicates as to no give away the face value of the dominoes.


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