greetings from fresno

i have so much to blog about, but very little energy. i can’t even hit the shift button, i’m so out of it.

i’m here in fresno for a week long writing marathon. i’m writing all the copy for 108 crafty chica product packages. i want each and every one to be happy, and inspiring, so of course lots of coffee is involved.

i had a bad week last week. i crashed and burned on a very important freelance craft assignment. i wish i could crawl under the table right now out of shame. i tried, i really did, and you all know when i put my mind to something, some how, someway, it happens and comes together and everything wroks out. it was such a reality blow to see that things sometimes actually don’t work out that way.

i’m realizing that there has to come a point when, no matter how much you are honored by a new project opportunity, you have to learn to pass if you truly can’t fit it in. willpower is one thing, so far, it has carried me very far, but fitting more hours in each day is impossible. one little pebble is dropped and the whole house tumbles. it was a sracpbook project that i should have been able to make in my sleep. instead it became more difficult than when patrick and i used to have 300 accoun ts to serve. you know when you get so flustered, you don’t know which way is up? patrick tells me when you keep hitting a brick wall, maybe it is time to go in another direction. so i gave up and cried uncle. that’s a new one for me. it feels so awful to suck. sigh. i haven’t been able to hardly make anything since, i’m so bummed with myself. but we dust ourselves off and live and learn, right? hopefully the crafty magic will return soon. it *has* to..i have a tablecloth, seat cover and napkins to finish for the craft and hobby show tablescape display next week! plus three craft columns to write!

in the meantime, i’m here in cali, writing my copy. it’s so lonely without patrick and the kids. today is my sister’s birthday and i missed it ;-( i’ve been eating out alone and last night i went to a movie. today was nice because one of the designers at duncan went to dinner with me! afterwards, i went and caught a screening of “waitress” (cute film!!). tomorrow the crafty crew from hella crafty are taking me out for a night on the town!

i’m sorry to sound so whiny. i have every reason to be upful and grateful. recently i mentioned a big cable channel that was interested in me – well i found out last night they approved a 12 epsiode crafty chica webisode series that will debut this fall. and this week at duncan offices, i’ve been able to see all the crafty chica prototypes come to life. this week there is a photo shoot of them for the packaging. it is all so amazingly cool. the long hours and hard work are paying off.

special thanks to everyone who came out to the phoe nix fridas event last saturday. we had close to 200+ people! i’ll try to post pix soon. next week i’m in rosemont, il for cha, and then, then i come home and then i fly out to chicago for blogher. so i better go to conserve my energy!

go be crafty! sorry for any typos!

Love & light,

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