Shiny, Happy Wednesday

I have deemed July 11 as Shiny, Happy Wednesday.

It started with a heartfelt convo with my dear friend Margot (I love you too, chica!). We only get to chat every so often, but when we do, I get so inspired. She is one of those people living her dream by way of crystals and needle nose pliers! She has a busy crafty career too, and it’s fun to compare notes. Oh!! Don’t forget to check out her new book, Sparkletastic!

I then went into work, and continued writing my product instructions, which sounds boring, but is actually entertaining in weird way that I can’t explain. I’ll try. I envision people at the store, picking up the package, and reading the directions. My goal is for them to feel a connection, and hopefully try it out!

The weather here is 10 degrees lower than Phoenix, and I’m diggin’ that. tonight it was actually chilly! The week is going by much faster than I expected. That’s because the team at Duncan is above and beyond kind. They’ve got my back. It’s almost like they subconsciously know how much I miss my family. A few of us went out to lunch today, and we’re doing happy hour tomorrow. Anything I need, they are there to help me find a solution. If it weren’t for that, I’d be a basket case!

Tonight Devoya, Estela and the rest of the Hella Crafty Fresno crew made me feel at home at their monthly meeting. They even took me for a spin around the Tower District – an artsy area of the city. Talk about organized! Hella Crafty had a typed agenda, plus plans for all kinds of crafty events. The artists in the group know how rock it, one of them, Kim, made me a dangly necklace that spells out CRAFTY.

Now it’s almost 1 a.m. and I’m gluing mini pictures to pendants for a photo shoot tomorrow morning. Today I saw even more completed prototyped items. Everything looks drop dead fabulous. Bright, shiny, cute, sassy – it will put a smile on your face. I’m so proud of it all, and thank the crafty gods that the staff is feelin’ the chica vibe!! They know how to take an idea and bring it to life.

OK, I’m off to finish up these pendants so I can get to bed. Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m ready to roll. I’ll post pictures, and new craft projects when I get home to Phoenix.

Peace out, and craft on!
Author of Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life ($19.95, Rayo Books, an imprint of Harper Collins).

Love & light,

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  1. You ROCK…I am sooooo happy for you and am extra glad that you are sharing your sparkle with us this week!

    PS I’ve personally seen the Crafty Chica line and it is truly spectacular…but only because you have thought of every minor detail…I love the details!!

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