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Chupacabra Cocktails

My friend Darlene from Casa Q sent me this link to her site about the mysterious Chupacabra!
From Darlene’s site:

The Chupacabra (goat-sucker in English) is a cryptozoological animal predominately seen in Mexico and Puerto Rico. The creature’s name originated with the discovery of dead goats with small puncture wounds in their necks with their blood and guts sucked from the carcasses. Like the Legendary Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster it is seen by few but known by millions.

Darlene even posted a Chupacabra cocktail recipe and the picture is from Que Rica Vida!

El Chupacabra
From CasaQ.com

El Chupacabra
1 oz apple vodka
2 oz sweet & sour mix
2 Marischino Cherries
4 Ice Cubes

Mix vodka, sour mix, and ice in shaker. Strain over ice in old fashioned glass. Garnish with cherries.

Yes, you should definitely have some sauce in you if you happen to come across a Chupacabra, like these did (Warning: they cuss a little bit because they are SCARED to death!):

Boy, I am really going to the dark side tonight. Let me steer this back to happyland! Because this is a crafty site, here are some shiny, happy, crafty Chupacabra ideas:

– stuffed Chupacabra felt monster
– Chupacabra sock puppet
– Chupacabra polymer clay sculpture

Want more stuff, like Chupacabra mugs or lunchboxes/ Well then – Chupacabra Online is your one stop shop!

OK, now go check out Darlene’s site, Casa Q. It’s super cool. She has all kinds of Latino-themed articles, recipes, home furnishings, and more. She also has features on Latino wedding customs, and Fiesta of San Fermin – Running of the Bulls , entertaining, money and mas, mas, mas!

And thank you, Darlene for the Chupa love and inspiration!


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