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Last night after everyone left, I finished up the laundry, cleaned the family room and decided to pack my suitcase for Art Unraveled today. I’m only driving 10 minutes away, but a rolling suitcase works wonders for carrying supplies to a workshop!

Earlier yesterday morning, I had sorted everything for my class, and put it in the art studio. I shut the door so none of Patrick’s family would see the scary mess when they came for his birthday party.

Late last night, when I went to open the door – it was jammed shut!!! Somehow my heavy art table had been nudged just enough to block the door from opening. Maybe it was the collective energy from all the people who were mad at me for not making it last night (I’m sorry I missed!!).

Anyway, after sweating, cussing, and almost crying for 20 minutes trying to get the stupid door open, I went and got Patrick out of bed to help. Mad that I woke him up, he stumbled over, tried once, gave up and walked like a zombie back to bed. Finally Maya got in there and gave the door a huge shove while lifting the corner of the table with her other hand. She got the door open, but jammed her thumb in the process – and knoccked over all the stacked shelves that were on top of the table.

We put ice on her thumb, all was well, and she went off to bed. I gulped and walked into the art room. All my beads, charms, a cup of loose glass glitter, and every other tiny object I had sorted into micro compartments had spewed all over the floor and other table. I stepped on a head pin in the process.

But, at least the door is open, I got my stuff ready for my class and Maya still has a thumb.
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  1. is there anything worse than having your lovely beads tip over onto the floor? Sorry to hear about your morning.

    Have fun sorting through them, so just toss them in a bag and buy new ones. Even more fun!

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