Doing the hustle

OK, not that kind of hustle. I’m talking the kind of hustle like when you are already late for work, and need to find your keys, put the dogs out, shut off the lights, and jump in the car and go, go, go…

It’s been a mad crazy week. It started with me teaching two classes at Art Unraveled. Yesterday the brakes went out on my car, and now it is back in the shop. Sigh. We need a new set of wheels, like, as of last month.

For work I’ve been making “models” of things from my product line (samples of finished items using the products). I think this is my favorite part of the process so far. All the tangible samples have come back from the manufactuers, and now I have make things with them to a photo shoot so customers can see all the different things to use them for.

That’s during the day. At night I’ve had another stack of orders to make, and now I’m cranking out jewelry to sell at Saturday at AU’s shopping extravaganza!

By the way, the event is open to the public, cost is $5, and get there early! Doors open at 10 a.m. and there is always a huge crowd. Last year there were literally LINEs of people at each artist’s booth waiting to get up front to the table to shop. I’m sure it will be just as busy this year.

I have some super exciting news to annouce very soon. Remember a few months back I mentioned that a major cable network was interested in me for a project? Well, I just signed the contracts this week! As soon as I get permission, I’ll post all the details! In a couple of weeks, there will be a TV camera crew in my house for four days shooting footage. Hello? Home makeover 911!

Alrighty, I have to get back and in the studio, I’m pretty sure the glue is dry on my earrings, and it is time to go add the gold micro-stars before I go to bed. After Saturday, I’l post pictures from the event, as well as a totally tricked out glittered chihuahua saint statue I made to relieve stress.

I’ve met some wonderful, highly creative ladies this week, and am so thrilled that I get to hang out with friends I hardly ever get to see because they are here for the conference – Jennifer Perkins and Tracy Bautista are just a couple of them!

Speaking of friends, i have a list of new must-see links to share here, and I promise to get to those this weekend. Probably Sunday.

Have a freaky fun-filled Friday!

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Love & light,

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