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I swore, swore, swore I was not going to do this – go on a blogging bender tonight. The so-called “right” way to blog is to post daily, so you don’t overload your readers. Dang it, I just can’t stick to that rule. It’s like only eating one cookie after a fresh batch has just come out of the oven. I can’t stop at one!!! Or two. Three?

After that last post, I was just about to sign off and hit the sack, but then I reflected on the week, and decided to share the details.

So you want to craft full-time, right? That’s what I said, and now my wrists are sore from painting, glueing, cutting – all of it. But baby, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I am so grateful for this gig. And who am I to complain about sore wrists? I recently found out that I had two great aunts who used to be grape pickers in FRESNO (the city I visit once a month for my new job! What an eerie coincidence, no?). I bet their wrists were super sore! My sore wrists are a badge of honor!!!

OK, so here are the two big things this week. Numero uno is all my Duncan stuff. Lauren, the direct importer working on getting everything developed and ordered for my line, sent me a huge box full of Crafty Chica product samples. to think I actually get paid to use them in my craft projects! It is sooo intimidating and thrilling at the same time, because these completed projects have to be ultra fantastico, so people will see the pictures on the box and want to by the product. I’ve just about prayed and blessed each and every one of them with happy thoughts. So far, I’m beyond pleased with the goodies I’ve made. I wish I had 10 of each supply because the hardest part is limiting myself to one or two projects. It is taking all my might not to post pictures here!!! I think I’d get fired because it is all top secret until spring. Deep breath…oh I want to post a picture so bad!!

Here is something I can post pictures of. Remember those 180 centerpieces I’ve been whining about for months? This was our late night project this week. Or I should say “my” project because Patrick didn’t want to touch them.

I’m talking 30 heavy boxes of large glass candy dishes. My friend Jim came over and helped me get rolling. Patrick watched from afar, and finally said: “I’ll work on anything else you need, but please, I don’t want to work on those things…”

Eh, I didn’t need him. I cranked these suckers out in a total of 8 hours. They’ve already been picked up and we have our entry way back!

Every year we volunteer to make these centerpieces for Valle del Sol’s Profiles of Success luncheon. Every year, as we finish the last one and say: “That’s it, never again!” and then we agree to do it again. It’s a heck of a lot of work, and I get sore wrists, but to think my little painted squiggles will help raise funds for people who really, truly need help? Wooo, goosebumps on my arms right now. Plus, I love the folks at Valle. They always make Patrick and I feel appreciated, and that means so much!

Author of Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life ($19.95, Rayo Books, an imprint of Harper Collins).

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