My week at Art Unraveled

I can’t believe this time last week I was immersed in Art Unraveled madness (I mean that in a good way!). Held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in north Phoenix, hundreds of altered artists from around the country gathered to teach and/or make new art.

I only taught two classes, but next year I hope to teach more. I look forward to this event all year because everyone remembers you, and makes you feel so comfy and welcome. Major kudos goes to Linda Young and her family for putting the whole thing together!

I taught a Day of the Dead Fabric Book class all day last Monday, and then a Love Shrine class last Tuesday night. The love shrine group was majorly rowdy!! Everyone was so excited to release their unbridled passion through sequined trim and scrapbook paper. One lady made a shrine to her dog, another to find love, and several women made a shrine to celebrate their happy marriages. The glitter was flyin’, let me tell you! I enjoyed every second of it!

Saturday night I MC’d the closing awards dinner. Normally I don’t get nervous when it comes to public speaking. I’ve delivered speeches to groups as small as 6 or 7 and as large as two thousand, and my nerves are always manageable. I think I had jitters on top of jitters this time because the faces before me were all my peers. Anyway, just after Linda introduced me, I walked up to the podium – and had this flash of a vision that my blouse was on inside out.

See, earlier in the day was the Shopping Extravaganza event, in which I had a booth. Our car was still in the shop so after a long day of working my vendor booth, I had to take a taxi home. Stressful day, alright. I got home, changed my clothes, and tried to take a mini-power nap. Didn’t work. So, I put my clothes back on and headed out for the event.

OK, now we are back to where I was at the podium, 100% convinced that my blouse was on inside out. In front of a crowd of people staring at me. In that split second I had to decide to:

A. Pretend I meant to wear it that way.
B. Continue as if nothing was wrong and worry the whole time.
C. Tell the audience what happened and if they would mind if I checked my blouse real quick.

I did C. Whew! My blouse was on the right way, and I was able to proceed without incident.

Earlier when I tried to take that mini power nap, I couldn’t fall asleep because I got this idea to open the presentation with a crafty version of a David Letterman “Top 10” kind of thing. So I popped up from my bed and typed out out this.

Top 10 Signs That You Belong at Art Unraveled:

10. Someone tells you that you have glitter on your face and you say “Oh, thank you!”

9. You buy a new box of nails for a home repair, and decide to add a pretty rusting agent before you use them.

8. You have more vintage photographs of people you don’t know than of your own family.

7. Someone at your office job asks for a stamp and you say, “Sure! Mounted or unmounted?’

6. Your philosophy for life is “When in doubt, add a set of angel wings and embossing powder!”

5. You’ve made a color copy of a favorite piece of clothing for use in your artwork. Better yet, you’ve shredded a favorite piece of clothing for use in your artwork…

4. Your spouse accuses you of having a thing for the guy at Kinko’s because you are always there making “color copies”.

3. Your friends refer to you as “The Glue Snob”.

2. Your loving child asks to help you with your art project, and you reply, “Sure honey, go make mommy a double cappuccino!”

1. You get goose bumps, tears and tingles when a stranger spends their hard-earned cash on a piece of art that you made with all your heart.

Now let’s go to the picture portion of the event! These are photos of my classes and then of me with mi amiga, Jennifer Perkins. Speaking of Jennifer! She came down to AU with her mom, Fredda Perkins (also an amazing artist!), and Lisa sicci, a fabulous TV producer. I also got to hang out with my friends Alisa and Ann from my craft cruise, as well as Laura K from Blogging Project Runway! I also got to have dinner at Barrio Cafe with a gang of super cool AU artists including Jen, her mom, Lisa, my good friend Traci Bautista, and I got to meet the awesome Bernie Berlin, author of Artist Trading Card Workshop. There are gobs more people, and I’ll add them later on!

I had made this glittery Chihuahua and decided to donate it to the silent auction. The funds went to Free Arts of Arizona to help abused children find healing through art.

Jennifer Perkins and myself (Photo credit: Jen)

Author of Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life ($19.95, Rayo Books, an imprint of Harper Collins).

Love & light,

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