Painting and trippin’

A few days ago I posted about the gig, and I recieved so many happy messages – thank you!

Now the brutal time comes – deadline. I’ve had so many big projects stacked up that I literally had to put them in date order. Last week I was in Fresno working on the product line details, so I had to 100% focus on that. I had to block out that one week from then, there would be a national TV camera crew in my house.

Thursday I chatted with one of the producers so I could get a head start on the weekend preparations for the shoot. I really want to make this series feel like I’m bringing people into my personal world, so we decided to shoot it in my house. I want comfy and playful. Even if that means having to repaint the entire interior. Our walls were purple – too dark for camera, so we needed to repaint them to a lighter color.

Anyway, in the convo, Quanda says “We want to send you to get a manicure and pedicure…”

“Pedicure?” I ask.

“Yes! We thought it would be cute if we shot a couple of segments of you sitting down on the floor making your projects.”

Sound of needle scratching across a record album…

“Ooooo…” I said. “no, I don’t think that will work.”

“Oh no! Why not?” she asks in a friendly, but bummed, manner.

“Well….um…you see, I’m well, chubby. Chubby girls don’t sit on the floor in front of cameras, especially TV cameras…”

She politely giggled. “Hmmm, Will you at least keep an open mind about it?” She asked sweetly.

I told her I would, but I knew in my heart I wouldn’t be caught dead sitting down on the floor unless I had legs like Paris Hilton, which I don’t. I spent the entire next day asking all my crafty friends if they ever craft while sitting on the floor and both chubby and skinny repsonded: “Not unless I’m cutting a pattern”.

When I told Patrick what Quanda asked, he said, “Oh man, you’ll have a heart attack – with the stress and having to demonstrate the craft and feel relaxed. But at least you will have pretty toes!” He helped me come up with some alternatives to present. So I told the producers, they liked them, and I *think* I’m off the hook. The production team is so nice and accomodating, I don’t think they’ll “make” me sit on the floor. Just in case, please pray for me!

Another thing she mentioned:

12 wardrobe changes!

I haven’t had much time for shopping lately, I think I might have 2 or 3 TV worthy outfits ready. You know, I always thought it was so cool that when my friend Jennifer Perkins was prepping to shoot a new season of Craft Lab, she would take a few days with a stylist and comb over all the cool shops in Los Angeles looking for hip threads to wear.

OK, me? I realized the only time I had to shop was Friday, as soon as my plane landed from Fresno. I got home at 6ish, opened my suitcase only to discover that my 16-ounce jar of glossy decoupage medium had opened and soaked 50% of the cases’s contents. Including one of the outfits I had planned to wear for the shoot. I took everything out rinsed it all off, changed my clothes, cuddled with the family, and then hit the stores. I had one hour (I’m not kidding).

When I went to pay for my clothes, I noticed the clerk staring at my hands. They were all covered in dried decoupage goo. They looked like my skin was peeling off! Disgusting!

“Oh, this is just decoupage medium,” I chuckled, embarrassed, recalling that I also had red paint in my hair from earlier in the day. “It spilled in my luggage and got all over my hands too. I was in such a rush to get here before you closed, I must have forgotten to rinse it all off.” I peeled off a piece to show her, and winced because a few small hairs peeled off too. I never knew until that moment that I had hair on my hands!

“Oh.” the girl replied, cocking up one brow, like I was a loca on the loose.

Talk about speed shopping. I felt like I was on a new version of Supermarket Sweep. I I walked out of the mall, slightly delirous, but with six new outfits in tow. It was then my shoe greeted a chuck hole in the parking lot, and my leg buckled.

I FREAKED! I envisioned my front teeth hitting the asphalt, or my having to apply Neosporin to a raspberry burn on my cheek before the shoot on Wednesday. I could NOT let that happen!

In one second, I tragically, desperately trotted in mini-steps to the left, and then to the right, my arms outstretched like an airplane, holding my bags. Like a hippo in a ballet recital. All I needed was a fluffy tutu. Friday night at the mall? I heard some teenagers giggling at my misstep. And my so-called loving sister Theresa too. Hermana didn’t even reach out her hand to help because she was too busy fiddling with her dang iPhone.

This morning Patrick and I went to Home Depot, bought our paint (Tropical Mango, aka Orange Dreamsicle), and headed home. Four friends came over to paint, while I went to my hair appointment. Except I was late so now I have to go back early Tuesday morning. Sigh…

I just got done painting the final edging on all the walls, and I even gave our fireplace a stucco makeover. It used to be ugly 1970s brown brick. My arms are so sore, and my fingers too. And my legs, knees and even my eyelashes.

Tomorrow we paint the kitchen walls (Frida fuschia), and we are going to IKEA to buy furniture and accessories. We have to set up staging areas in the living room, Arizona room and in our garden outside, and make it look like that’s how it really is. Actually, it will really be that after the shoot. This is our chance to fix up our casa the way we’ve always wanted. We never had time before, now we HAVE to do it for work. Yay, we can actually have company over!

Overall, it is all super cool and I’m thrilled/shocked/delighted for all the events taking place. Even if I did find myself thinking “Oh Vern Yip, if I blink my eyes and say your name three times, will you appear before me?”

Monday I have Spanish and a doctor’s check up I can’t miss. Somewhere in there I have to make my 12 projects and step outs for the series! Eee gads, those are the most important things! At least I have some of them already made, I just need to put together the step-by-step portions. Some how, some way, it always comes through, and I tell Patrick, “Wow, I can’t believe we did all that!”

Now do you see why I say “crafts, drama, glitter?”

Author of Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life ($19.95, Rayo Books, an imprint of Harper Collins).

Love & light,

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  1. OMGosh! I’m so sorry you went through that! (the fallin’ and decoupage everywhere) 🙁 Gosh you’ve been through so much! (I’ve read some of your threads on

    The colors you’re using in your home sound gorgeous! AND good enough to eat 😉

    Sitting on the floor has never been my thang either. So I hear yah on that one.

    I wish you best! I’ll definitely be sending positive thoughts your way!

  2. I just love reading the perils of the Crafty Chica! I can’t wait to see your show and check out your painted toenails. If they really want to show your feet, why don’t you just drop a bead and let them pan down to the floor?

    Jennifer Blevins

  3. Wow! I just “stumbled” (no pun intended) upon this blog – my yahoo homepage listed it as an automated link – found your book at the local library and LOVED it! Nice to know we’re fellow Sagittarian crafters – explains a lot. Your life (much more glam) sounds like mine – updates/renovations happen when people are coming over. Wish you well and hope to see your show!

    llama llover llivin lloca in Ohio

  4. Hi Kathy, I loved this post…and I’m so happy/excited/proud for you to have accomplished all you have, and for your show! You go, girl! I want you to know you are a major inspiration to me. I’m so looking forward to being able to see new things from you.

    Love & glitter,


  5. Rather see you on TV anytime than uh….anorexic J. Hart or the other annoying whiny voiced ACM members. You are so fresh and down to earth, appeal to hipsters and regular girls and I LOVE YOU! But I’ll make this anonymous for diplomatic reasons. Hey I’m entitled to my opinion and I don’t dig the chicks in the ACM. CRAFTY CHICA RULZ and you are the one who started it all in my book! I love that there is you and your ideas and that we can choose what Craft Diva to follow.

  6. Aw, thank you, i am deeply flattered!!!! peace,love, and glitter for everyone who loves crafting may they all get their time to shine! i’ll always defend these ladies, they inspire me, as do so many others!!
    thank you again so much for the support, i appreciate it!!

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