There is no crying in crafts!

Let me start by saying I know there is much strife in the world. Homeless people, sick puppies, families torn apart, crime, war, tragedies and so on. With that in mind, there can be no crying in crafts. Maybe a sniffle or a thick swallow of lost pride, but absolutely no crying! Crafts are about love! There are wayyy more serious topics to shed tears over.

I assure you, I always keep things in perspective when I’ve had a less than stellar day. Like today. Not a bad day, just one peppered with events that made me scrunch my brows in a “how the heck did this happen?” kind of way.

First up, I’m was at work at my design desk at Duncan headquarters. Right now we are in the stage of product development where my designs and ideas have been made into actual products. We get a small batch to test out and then give the OK that they are ready to be manufactured. I’m personally using and making something with each and every product as if I were a new consumer. I want to ensure they work perfect and leave an impressive result.

Ugh! There was a glitch in one of them this morning. And it was my fault. Because of that, we had a major fabric glitter glue crisis on our hands. There are so many factors involved – time, money, and most important quality. In order to restore peace, a sacrifice had to be made. I’m completely satisfied with the outcome, and actually it isn’t even a sacrifice at all, it’s actually better than the original concept, but I am kicking myself at making the initial oversight which caused chaos for two hours.

Here is the funny part. I think I’m watching too much of The Hills because for every scene in my day lately, I hear a song to fit it. After I was told about the solution that had to be made with the glitter crisis, I heard Def Leppard’s Bringin’ On The Heartbreak. Once I got back in the groove of things,and calmed down, Stevie Nick’s Landslide popped in my mind:

Oh, mirror in the sky
What is love
Can the child within my heart rise above
Can I sail thru the changing ocean tides
Can I handle the seasons of my life

What is wrong with me? I never liked either of those tracks! Anyhoo. All is well, crisis is over at that point, and I ate a salad for lunch. That made me happy because I’ve been such a good, healthy girl this week. Salads for lunch, salads for dinner, yup, I know I’ve dropped a few pounds. This particular lettuce combo was yummy. Grilled chicken with melted cheddar cheese, dotted with pickle slices. I’ve never had a salad with pickles, and just as I finished the last piece of chicken and poked my fork around the remaining lettuce pieces – I saw it.

There at the bottom of my plate was a mini cucaracha (a roach). His conga line days were over, this little guy had drowned in ranch dressing.

It’s perfectly OK, I thought. Many people don’t have the opportunity to eat a salad with chicken and pickles. And if they did, and there was a roach too, they would not mind. So I let it go.

Next. Whoa! Good news – I found out that my acrylic paint samples arrived in the afternoon mail! 12 of each color! They came in a huge box that looks like Jaba the Hut did jumping jacks on it. The chunky plastic paint tubes are bundled tight in groups of six, and as I opened them by unrolling the bubble wrap, I was warned by Lauren that some of the tubes have opened. Not only some – but more than half! Wet paint is everywhere!

I spent the next 90 minutes standing over the sink in a brand new $60 blouse taking the lids off each tube, and rinsing the excess paint. Donna Summer’s She Works Hard for the Money plays in my mind. What’s up with all these bad 80s songs anyway? So, I even blow dried each lid before I put it back on the freshly wiped down tube. I didn’t want a drop of water to touch the paint so it would keep its glorious consisitency! That was just the blue. Tomorrow morning we are going to do the same for the remaining seven colors.

I’m a tad frazzled, but I’m ready to dive in and get the job done. Whatever it takes. Thank goodness I brought a cheap T-shirt, so I can get messy. I’m smiling big because I didn’t even get one speck of paint on my clothes. That’s a first. Patrick would be so proud!

After work I went to eat Italian food. I didn’t order a dead roach, er…I mean a salad. I ordered pasta. Comfort food. And then I went to see Becoming Jane. God, that James McAvoy is so dreamy. Yesterday I saw Stardust, and I loved both movies!

All is happier than a smiley face button. A few glitches only make one stronger, and in my case, it is that much more I’ve learned about the business! Even after all of this, I can hardly wait to take on a new adventure(s) tomorrow…

I may even eat a salad.

Author of Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life ($19.95, Rayo Books, an imprint of Harper Collins).

Love & light,

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  1. At least it was just a cucaracha! a friend of mine found poop in her salad once. anywhoo, i’m addicted to The Hills too even though they are all annoying. Nothing else is on TV really. Love the soundtrack in your head — so true!! xoxo

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