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Tomorrow morning I leave for Ohio for the first of our exciting sales meetings! I’ve decorated and crafted so much with all my Crafty Chicas products that two of my fingers are stuck together with glitter glue. I still haven’t washed my hair or packed, so I have to turn in early and then get up at 6 am to do all that, and then get ready for the airport.

I did have another detour. Remember when we were getting ready for the Lifetime crew and hd two days to paint everything and I decided to stucco the fireplace? Well, tonight as I was getting everything ready for Ohio, I – on a whim – decided to trick out a new jeans jacket I bought. I hand sewed more than a hundred buttons, ironed on appliques, and glued on gobs of crystals. not to mention paint and trim. I’ll post a picture next time. No, it does not look like Cher would wear it, it is in good taste, I swear. Well, crafty chica good taste that is…

Boy, I’m telling you this summer has been one adventurous rollercoaster ride after another. Between my novel being sold, the Lifetime TV deal, and spending all my days working on the Crafty Chica products, I’m on happy overload! Mucho exhausted too. I have to conserve my energy for the fall season. We are already behind on everything and it is only September 11th!

Before I sign off, I have some BIG news to share about a friend of mine that I bet you know and love too – Claudine Hellmuth.

She is going to be a guest on Martha Stewart on Wednesday, September 12th!!!

Read Claudine’s blog because she is detailing every aspect. I’m chewing my nails in excitement for her! I love this because it shows that there are so many crafty opportunities out there if you work hard, stay true to who you are, practice good karma, and not only develop a signature style – but own it too. Claudine embodies all of that and that is why she has so much success and such a strong fan base. Watch and learn people! Way to go, C!

If you need more inspiration to get off your bootay and do something creative, check out the latest and greatest update trailer of the Handmade Nation movie!

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