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Cupcake Candles!

Cupcakes without calories

Kathy Cano-Murillo
Special for The Arizona Republic
Sept. 29, 2007 12:00 AM

I’d like to introduce you to my new best friend: the silicone mold.

I’ve been collecting these everywhere. I found them in the dollar bins at Target, Torrid clothing shop and, of course, the craft store in the baking aisle. NOTE: Wouldn’t it be so cute to use these pumpkin molds for Halloween?

I’ve used these life-changing flexible molds for ice cubes, resin key chains, edible baked treats, melt and pour soaps, and my favorite – candles.

I’m watching my waistline so I decided to burn a cupcake instead of eating one. Candle supplies can be found at the craft store.

Cupcake Candles


1 Dutch oven
1 package of candle wax (white)
Oven mitts
1 metal candle-pouring pitcher
1 candle-wax thermometer
Candle colors
Candle scents
1 silicone mold for cupcakes
1 package of tall candle wicks
1 rubber spatula
1 hole puncher

Directions: Fill the Dutch oven half way with water and heat until boiling.

Wearing the oven mitts, place cut up chunks of wax (2 cups’ worth) into the pouring pitcher and set inside the boiling water. Reduce heat to medium.

Stir with chopstick until wax is liquefied. Insert thermometer, and when the temperature reaches 180 degrees, you are ready to add desired drops of color and scent, according to package directions.

Stir to mix. Lift pitcher out of water and pour a thin layer of wax in the mold, insert wick. Finish filling the mold. Let cool completely. Remove from mold.

Repeat candle melting process again, but this time, put in a different color for the frosting. Remove from heat once liquefied, let cool until you stir the wax so it looks like frosting. Again, wearing the oven mitts, dip the spatula in the wax and “frost” the cupcake. Let cool.

For sprinkles: Heat a bit of wax and add a different color and pour thin layers into the mold. Let cool, pop out, and use hole puncher to create decorations.

Warning: Always use extreme caution when working with candle wax. Do not use around small children. Burn candle in a safe place, and never leave unattended.

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  1. I seem to remember my mother beating wax with an old fashioned egg beater to froth it. Then she’d add it to Christmas tree shaped candles to look like snow. I wonder if that would work on your cupcakes…


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