"This is my life as a crafty girl!"

(Me, if I were skinny and had blonde hair)

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I saw Jaslene’s “My Life As A Cover Girl” commercials tonight and was inspired. I’m so happy that America’s Next Top Model is on again. And at 10 is The Fashionista Diaries, another guilty pleasure. Next month Project Runway is back on the airwaves, which means Wednesdays will be my favorite day of the week again. I’ve been slaving away in the art room and my DVR is stacked with: A Haunting, Heroes, Ugly Betty, Oprah, Tyra, Rock of Love (Ack, I can’t believe I just admitted that!), and of course all the crafty shows throughout the day. There are more, but I can’t think of them all right now.

Just yesterday I finished up a big jewelry order for Target’s Red Tot Shop. This time next week, there will be a limited supply of exclusive Crafty Chica jewelry up for grabs. The coolest thing? I didn’t only make jewelry for the store, but also for some Target VIPs, which I’m totally stoked about!!

Right down the street from my house is a Target, it may as well be the sixth member of the family, I love it so much. HOWEVER, my beloved store closed in January because it had to be leveled and recreated into a brand spankin’ new design. It’s done being remodeled! All the lights are on, the merch is in there, the carts are out front, but there is a fence around the opening doors with two guards on duty. The doors will be unlocked October 14th. *Jumps up and down* My sister and I giggle that we want to tailgate at midnight and be the first customers.

Ha! Silly joke between us.

Um. OK, we are serious. We really want to do that. Life is hard without a Target down the street!

I haven’t had much time to blog because my daytime hours have been dedicated to coming up with Halloween craft products for 2008. It sounds easy, but it is really hard. I had a list of killer concepts and then, alas, when I went to Target (one that is still open) last Friday night, they had my ideas executed and for sale!

I feel so honored because of that “great minds think alike” line. Not that I think my mind is all that great, but at least I know I’m on the right track, right? I just have to think of things sooner! The other ideas I had, I already Googled them back and forth, and traveled across the globe (well, Phoenix and its surrounding metropolitan areas…) and haven’t seen anything like them. Today I sent over my fleshed out list, and my boss was very happy! That makes me happy! Next, Patrick and I have to nail down the sketches.

By night I’m working away on my sewing book. Before I started constructing the projects, I had to submit sketches for each one to my book editor and wait for them to get approved. I’ve never done that before, I’ve always kinda designed as I went along. For most of the projects, the sketches REALLY came in handy. They make me feel so professional. It is kinda like writing a novel and following an outline of the plot as you type. However, there is one project that I got a totally fabulous new idea for that is very different from the sketch I submitted.

When I’m not sewing, I’m immersed in my Spanish lessons. Mis gustas mis clases! Aprendo dos noches esta semana. Yo quiero mas. As you can see, I’m a little bumpy right now, but I’m trying super hard, and Patrick is a big help. So many verbs! so little time!

Even though I’m rough with la lingua, I still managed to share a few stories with my class tonight – and they understood!! That’s a good sign, right? Please pardon my lack of knowledge with typing this out, feel free to write it the correct way in the comments, I’m just going to wing it!

1. La otra dia en la manana, yo dice a mi esposo: “Aye! Que hermosa dia, no? (What a beautiful day!)” Mi esposo dice: “Que, mi amor? A quesadilla???”

Ha ha, Patricio!

2. Un tiempo, mi suegra (mom-in-law) dice: “Queides comida, Kathy?(Do you want food?)” Yo dice: “Oh, no gracias! No yo tengo hombre! (Oh, no thanks! I don’t have a man!)” I meant to say “hambre”, as in “hunger”.

Another time I was asked to give an active sentence about a man and his hand. I told my teacher (and the entire class) in Spanish: “The man has his hand in his pants.”

OK – those examples were from when I FIRST started my classes last April. I’m much better now. I still make errors, but the only way to become fluent is to keep trying. I just ignore Patrick when his face turns bright red at my questions, or when he cracks up and kisses my forehead before correcting me.

I can’t express enough how much I love learning Spanish. I’ve wanted to learn my whole life, but was so insecure. I h ad every excuse in el libro as to why I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it. Now I’m enrolled at Interlingua, and love every second. I highly recommend it for anyone in the Phoenix area. And I wouldn’t be doing if it were not for Duncan. As part of my new job, the goal is for me to be fully bi-lingual and I want to prove to them (and me!) that I can tackle this with flying colores and make them proud.

I’m a little stressed because in addition to all of this, I got another big, exciting national project to work on (Thank you, Jackie!!!), plus two big wholesale orders of Day of the Dead merchandise for local boutiques. At least Patrick can tackle the latter, thank goodness!

Well, this is my life as a crafty girl, as Jaslene would sorta say! Enough about me. I’m going to post a project for you before I go to bed.

Adios amigas!

Author of Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life ($19.95, Rayo Books, an imprint of Harper Collins).

Love & light,

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