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A Crafty Chica Ghost Story

Here is my contribution to this blog tour. Click on the picture below to read the ebook!


Rubina Chinchada & the Enchanted Dresser


The very crafty Rubina Chinchada thinks she’s found the ultimate DIY score when she rescues a vintage dresser from bulk trash collection. But once she gets it to her Phoenix home, she learns the piece is the key to an unsolved mystery. Through lost love, glitter and sugar skulls, she and her cousin, Mona, set out to find the answers just in time for Dia de Los Muertos. This featurette is written by novelist and artist, Kathy Cano-Murillo, of CraftyChica.com.

Horror Flick Fabric Coasters

10 Ways to Make Sugar Skulls


6 thoughts on “A Crafty Chica Ghost Story”

  1. That ROCKED!! My favorite line “I’m sorry I tried to decorate your coffin in glitter”. So cute, I am looking forward to your novel!

  2. I loved your story, Kathy! I started laughing at “Rubina Chinchata”. And that ghost, brushing her hair with HER hairbrush! That was cause for exorcism right there. It was scary and funny and I’ve had projects go bad, but that dresser took the cake. I’m off to check my one and only antique dresser (glitter-free, I’m afraid) for any coffin labels. Can’t wait to read your book, Chica! Love your style!



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