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There are few things like old-school horror flicks to get you in the mood for Halloween. If you are having a party, or plan to stay in to watch a Boris Karloff movie marathon, here is a spiffy coaster idea to add to the eerie atmosphere.

The coasters are made of fabric and are sealed with glossy varnish, which makes for easy cleanup. (Just wipe off with a damp cloth.) I know what you are thinking: “Where did she find those pictures?” Easy. Google images. Just type in the image you want and you’re bound to find it, or something close. Keep in mind, many images are copyrighted, which means you can use them only for personal reasons, not to sell or mass produce.

4 images (5 inches by 3 inches each)
1 Inkjet fabric sheet
4 pieces of primed canvas (available in a pad in the art section of the craft store)
Iron, piece of scrap fabric (to protect ironing surface)
1 sheet of craft felt
Sewing machine
High-gloss spray or brush-on varnish and brush

Using a computer picture program, arrange the four images on one 8 1/2-inch by 11-inch page. Insert the fabric sheet face down in your printer. Print.

Cut out each image, and cut a piece of HeatnBond for each image. Cut the canvas sheet into pieces that are 5 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.

One at a time, flip the images over (right side down), place the piece of HeatnBond shiny side down, cover with the scrap fabric, and with the iron on high, run it over the surface until the HeatnBond is adhered to the back of the image. Let cool and peel off paper backing. Set the image right side up on the piece of canvas, cover with the scrap fabric and iron so the image bonds to the canvas. Let cool.

Place a piece of felt behind the image and sew the edges using the zigzag feature. Repeat process for the other three images. Cut off any excess fabric from the edges. Varnish, let dry.

Tip: Do not varnish before sewing, otherwise it will gunk up your needle.

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