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Furry Monster Bags

After going to all the trouble of assembling an award-worthy costume for your kids, it would be a crime to send them out trick-or-treating with a boring plastic pumpkin candy basket.

Go that extra step and whip up an adorable furry friend that serves a great purpose. These monster bags can be made in any size, only take a few minutes to assemble and will make a happy statement for collecting candy. Visit your local fabric store to find fur in all kinds of crazy colors to match almost any kind of outfit. And after Halloween has come and gone, they will make great accessories year-round, because monsters never go out of style. Elmo can vouch for that.

1/2 yard of fluffy faux fur in desired color
Straight pins
Sewing machine or fabric glue
White craft glue
Googly eyes
1/2 yard of thick ribbon (for strap or handles)

Directions: Cut two pieces of fur each measuring 12 by 12 inches. After making the cut, pull off any loose fur fibers. Line up the two pieces fur-side in and pin three sides in place. Sew around three sides, backstitching and the beginning and ending stitch. Trim excess fur around edges, along top of the seam. Measure desired length of ribbon to make strap. Sew each end of strap to the inner seam of bag through opening. Be sure to sew several seams around attached area to secure handles. Trim any hanging threads. Arrange eyes on bag and use white craft glue to attach them. Let bag dry before using.


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