Puffy Paint Light-up Skulls


puffy paint light up skulls

Sometimes all we want is easy. No directions, no thought of goof ups, nothing too detailed. That’s when it’s time to head to places like Target or Wal-Mart and pick up some ready-to-go Halloween decorations. But you don’t just buy them and put them out, silly. I spotted these plastic light-up skulls and they looked so sad and well, plain. They were crying for color, especially for this time of the year. So I picked up a batch and embellished them with acrylic craft paint and added glittery accents with squeeze paint.

No muss, no fuss and not too gory or scary. The skulls come in various sizes and price ranges ($2.99-4.99), which make them even more appealing. If you have kids, line the kitchen table with newspaper and set out a shoebox full of craft supplies and let them go at it. You can then use them to light up the front porch, the fireplace mantle or use as centerpieces for a party.


1 plastic skull light 
Acrylic paints
Assorted small paintbrushes
Puffy Paint in assorted colors and textures (shiny and glittered)
Loose glitter, sequins, gems, etc.

Directions: Using a paintbrush and paint, add designs around the eyes, mouth, cheeks and top of the head. Use different colors for the various areas. Let dry. Use the squeeze paint to outline or accent the areas of dried paint. Keep the designs big and bold for a more vibrant look. Add gems, sequins or loose glitter over the wet squeeze paint. Let the squeeze paint dry (about an hour) and then “brush” on the glittered squeeze paint over the flat paint to make it sparkle and look varnished.

Variations: You can also find light up pumpkins to be decorated as well. Write words on the forehead or even glue pictures on.


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