Target reordered! And other random notes

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Not to sound cliche, but I know what it means when folks say “When it rains, it pours”. You know how my jewelry was at Target’s Red Hot Shop for the week of September 30th?

Well, my bracelet turned out to be the top selling item, so they extended it another week that should have ended Saturday. Now they just placed a reorder that is almost double in size! There is a picture bracelet (click on photo above) and a Religious Ribbon Necklace.

Speaking of the bull’s eye – the Target by our house finally opened! We thought it would open on the 14th and I so wanted to be the first in line! But those sneaky folks opened it last TUESDAY night as a soft opening. Thank goodness I am so nosy and drove through the parking lot on Wednesday! As Maya and I were walking in all giddy and skipping, we saw two happy ladies leaving the store with their shopping carts stuffed with merchandise.

“How was it?” I asked them.

“Glorious!” they sang back.

It sure was glorious – our neighborhod Target has a Starbucks now! I’ve had a triple grande pumpkin spice latte a day ever since. Not good, I know, I know…

Today I leave for the most important meeting of my life! We are giving another Crafty Chica product line sales presentation, and my plane leaves at two. All my family is praying and pulling for this. Aside from that, I have so much to do before I leave!

After my sewing injury this weekend, I admit I was a little fearful of sitting back down at my machine. My finger is better now, and I bought a set of thimbles yesterday. I finished up two more projects last night. Everything is pretty much back on track, except I still can’t type with my index finger. At least I still have a finger!

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