We could all use a saint around here…

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This is a digital alteration I made to one of Patrick’s paintings. I call her St. Eleanor, The Patron Saint of Sewing. Eleanor was my Nana Cano, a master seamstress who inspired me to thread a needle. I’m sure there is an official patron saint of sewing, but I like my version.

Lordy, I need some divine inspiration right about now. It’s been a heavy weekend of teen trauma, stitches gone bad, and eating too much raw cookie dough.

My weekend got off to a bumpy start Friday night with the kids. They are both (good) teens and super active in school activities. Patrick and I take turns taxi-ing them to and from their events. Friday was my night. They told me what time to pick them up from the football game, I get there – on time – and they *tell* me to go home and come back because the game is not over. I politely let them know that time is crucial, I’m here, let’s go, the game is almost over. They argue and argue, and roll their eyes at each other when I stand my ground.

They get in the car, barely mumble hi, and immediately start chatting with their friends on the phone. I kept trying to be chipper and ask questions about their night (one of the players was injured during the game) and they ignored me. My internal Glen “I will NOT be ignored!” Close meter began to peak. I started thinking how they hadn’t done their chores in two days, and all kinds of other typical annoying teen things. I gave them one more chance to play nice. They blew me off. Oh. Except when one of them informed of driving duties the next day.

At that moment, the switch was officially flipped. The B*tch Switch, as my sister jokingly calls it. It’s when the last straw breaks and Mom goes into red alert, finger wagging, siren flashing, full-on meltdown mode.

It happened right there in our gold 4Runner. Little did the cars next to us know that the Apocalypso de Murillo was taking place. “HANG UP YOUR PHONES!” I shreiked, clenching the steering wheel the same way Britney clenched that umbrella.

I heard the Razr covers flip shut in unison. A haunting silence filled the air. I got goosebumps. Yup. The kids knew they had flipped The Switch and there was no turning back.

My five-star “You Kids Don’t Appreciate Anything!!!!!” tirade lasted all the way until we pulled into the driveway. I had taken our Chihuahua, Ozzy, for the ride, and it took all my might to pull him off my face because he was dutifully licking away my tears.

I went in the art room and slammed the door. Within the hour, they each came in, head hung low, and respectfully apologized. I know they didn’t want me to tell Patrick about what happened, but I did. Hello? We tell each other everything! We are the Jedi counsel of our house!

By 7 a.m., Patrick was practically blowing a military whistle in their comfy bedrooms. He had the kids up and outside doing lawnwork by 7:15. He must have given them a big lecture (I think my sister did too) because all weekend they have been super-duper sweet to me. They not only did their chores, but extra! They have been giving me hugs and kisses, saying “Thank you” and “Mother, may I?” They even cleaned my room! I felt felt their foreheads for fevers! I know they are teens and it is their right to be moody, hey, we’ve all been there, but I just can’t handle when I’m trying to be nice and giving all my effort and love, and I get blown off like a nobody. At least be polite, especially to your mom, right? Thankfully, they are decent kids with big hearts and we all made up. I baked them cookies tonight!

My sewing? Eh, I’m still working on that.

As of Friday night, I have been sewing non-stop on projects for my next book. Yesterday I spent 12 hours at the machine, and today 10. My right wrist is sore from turning the stiff wheel on my $99 Singer. I was supposed to get a new Cadillac machine, but it hasn’t happened yet because of timing.

Anyway, the projects I’ve completed are killa-good, which sets the bar high for the others. Get this: I spent two hours Friday night, and six hours Saturday trying to get down a clever twist to an otherwise simple pouch project. I was draw string illiterate, I’m telling you. I’ve made those pouches a million times, but my mind went blank. I had expensive, fancy silky fabric that got trashed because I had to remake the darned thing five times over. I even resorted to printing off directions, which may as well have been Chinese. It wasn’t translating to my brain. I set it all aside, went on to something else. When I came back I found a stash of silky fabric in my fabric box – and like nothing, made the project without a snag! Weird how that kind of stuff happens.

I was going to finish up one more project tonight, but decided to come blog. I needed a break. It hasn’t been all stressful though. Last week I got an iPhone and it has become my new best friend. Tonight I bought a little docking station for it so I can listen to Sapnish language podcasts while I sew. Muy productivo, no? This week my friend Miriam of Lola y Lola is coming over every night to help me sew. Some of the other Fridas have offered as well. It’s all coming together, and I’m so proud of how everything is looking. I want this to be the BEST crafty sewing book ever!

OK, now I’m on to the next post, I have exciting news to share!

Author of Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life ($19.95, Rayo Books, an imprint of Harper Collins).

Love & light,

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