A very good week

Wait, not just good – surreal!

Sunday I wrote my contribution to the Chica Lit Ghost Story Blog Tour and it felt so good to step away from the art table and do something like write about a haunted dresser. I am so proud to have been in that project with the chica lit authors! The ghost story blog tour went over so well that we are going to do something for the holidays. Tuesday this blog had the second highest amount of hits in Crafty Chica history – 116,000! The biggest was back in January after the NPR story ran, that day I had 280,000 hits! If you missed any of the ghost stories, just scroll down.

Speaking of writing – I want to send a high five to all of your who are particpating in National Novel Writing Month! I joined in 2004 and wrote the first draft to my book, Love Shine, that sold in a two book deal this summer. Marcela even wrote about it in her newsletter! If you are part of NaNoWriMo this year, you should not even be reading this – you should be writing! Go on, scoot! go increase your word count right now!

More book stuff: This week I also had a meeting with my agent and book editors about my upcoming sewing book. I learned I’m not as far along as I could be, but I was assured that that is not a bad thing. Quality comes first. Do you know all that goes into putting a craft book together? This is just the skin and bones of it.

1. You get an idea and put together a 30 page proposal, complete with a detailed outline, photos and a sample intro and chapter.
2. You pitch it to ditors and hope one bites.
3. If so, you rework the projects so you and your editor are clinking champagne glasses in excited agreement.
4. You buy all the supplies, make all the projects.
5. You hire a pro-photographer to shoot all the projects in the most glamorous light ever.
6. You write step-by-step instructions, write the entire manuscript, hire a copy editor to check your grammar and typos, and hire an illustrator.

All the while, you send snapshots of everything to your editor so the two of you will still want to clink champagne glasses in excited agreement. I hope that gives you new respect when you go to a book store and pick up a craft title. Us crafty authors put a lot of love into our work!

BTW: My friend Susan Beal has a new beading book coming out that I contributed a project to – it is called “Bead Simple”. I made the project this time last year, and I scoured all of Manhattan to find the perfect charms and beads. you’ll have to wait until the book comes out to see it! Oh!!! I’m also a guest designer in an upcoming Chronicle title too, but that’s waaay down the road, but still very cool, and you know I’ll keep you posted!

Anyhoo, let me steer back from that detour. My sewing book. Potter Craft has a team of crafty superheroes who are guiding me through the process with intense TLC. It’s more work than I’ve ever done for any book before, kinda like late night crafty boot camp, but it’s good for me, I’m learning a lot because the bar has been raised. 1/3 of the projects are clothing items, and I’ve never designed fashion type items before. I was freaked and 100% intimidated, but at a recent photo shoot, tears welled up in my eyes seeing the model twirl around in a dress I designed – and then begged me to let her keep it. I just remember thinking, “I can’t believe I made that!” I’m building creative and critical thinking muscles I didn’t know I had. The projects are amazing, super clever stuff that I guarantee you have not seen before. All the while, my sweet and powerful Janome 11000 is serving me well (yes, I’m keeping my fingers out of the way of the needle!). Sewing is fun, people! Give it a try!!!

Kathy 🙂

Love & light,

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