All is well!

I’m alive! My voice is back and I’m down to a few minor sniffles. THANK YOU to everyone who sent me well wishes, they helped!

Spanish Market rocked. We did indeed have plenty of merchandise. Eek, I still don’t have time to blog a lot right now though. I need to conserve my energy. We have to unpack the truck with the leftover goods and then clean out the art room. It looks like Martha Stewart had a meltdown in there – ribbons strwen all over the floor, glitter spilled on tables, fabric scraps piled on top of the TV set, etc. I crave order right now. I still have sewing projects to finish for my book, a huge Target order, plus I have to update my website really bad, and then hello? I still have my day job! It all culminates at the end of the week the filming of TEN more epsiodes of “Crafting with the Chica” – special holiday projects! Somewhere this week I need to find time to get my hair cut and shop for 10 new slenderizing outfits for the shoot. How will I get it all done?

I’m not complaining, I love and savor every second. Besides, after this week, things should calm down quite a bit. I’m so ready to relax for the month of December!

I’ll try to pop in here to share pictures from this weekend and keep you updated on the time clock that is my life right now!

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