Mira! Adorn!

The white knuckle excitement of last week continues! I just picked up copies of two magazines that came out last week that feature mi arte.

First up is Adorn Magazine.

I *heart* this glossy because it stays true to “general crafters” (people who dabble in a variety of craft genres) like me – a little bit of sewing, a little bit painting, a little bit of jewelry making… Last year I was told that general craft style books and magazines were on the decline and I sniffled. How could that be? Everyone I know cross-crafts like crazy. We merge the genres just for the sake of flavor, and the yearning to be daring and different. So, yes. It’s nice to have a variety of projects within one magazine like Adorn. Kudos to Craft as well, they follow the same concept. And cheers to any others too!

When Adorn editor Christina Batch called me last summer to pitch this idea, she was like “It’s the Vegas issue and I immediately thought of you, Kathy!” Needless to say, I was flattered. And dang, looking at the issue, I’m also flattered to be among all the other talented designers.

My assigned mission? Deck out a vintage train case, Vegas stylee. The topis covered in vintage travel stickers, crystals, trim and the bottom is covered in glitter. Did you know you can use aerosol hairspray (I use Aquanet) to set your glitter without dulling the gleam? But hey, don’t over “do” it, a little works just fine. Sorry, could not resist the pun!

Anyhoo, I kissed the box before I sent out this project because I enjoyed making it so much. And seeing how it is photographed with that gorgeous model makes me love it all the more. For complete directions, buy a copy of the Winter 2007 issue, or better yet – become an Adorn subscriber!

(This is a picture from the magazine’s table of contents.)

Oh! In the same issue, I recieved a bonus plug from my dear friend Susan Beal, she wrote about my upcoming crafty cruise. Thank you, Ms. Susan Stars!

Think that’s swell? Hold on to your tijeras, because more isa comin’. The other publication I made it into last week is none other than Mira Magazine. It’s the “Who is Gay and Who is Not” issue!

Um, clarification: My craft project is a different story altogether. Recipe page.

What? Never heard of Mira? Hello? It’s only the most widely read Spanish-language celebrity tabloid on the market! Kinda like OK or Star. Special thanks to Maria Castello from Mira and Alyson Udell from Duncan for helping it all come together so nice!

And if you want to know quien es gay y quien es no – sorry, you’ll have to buy a copy of the magazine to see for yourself. It’s juicy-juicy scoop!

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