Not quite a marathon.


I should have remembered vitamins.

Perhaps if I had thrown in a few One-A-Days with my fancy-schmancy trail mix I wouldn’t be sitting here breathing through my mouth and sneezing. Yup, one day into my craft marathon and I caught a cold. I’m still pushing through, but things are going way slower. I’ve been taking Airbourne all day and I think this will be a cold that does not fully develop. At least that is what happened a couple of weeks ago, so I’m hoping for the same.

You’ll never believe what Patrick did to me tonight! Grrrr…

One of his pet peeves is when I run errands in my paint clothes. This is like the artist equivalent of a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers. Ratty clothing items that are covered in hard, crusty, dried paint and holes where dried varnish has cracked off. And black pants to match. I swear to God that I only wear them out when

1. I know I’m NOT getting off the car and
2. When I know the trip will be super short.

Tonight Patrick played for our friend’s poll results party (congrats Mike!!) and wanted me to go and hang out with him – take the night off listen to some grooves, chat with friends. But no, I dropped him off in true tuck-n-roll style, ran an errand (we only have one car!) and went home to finish up a batch of 20 painted crosses.

When it was time to pick him up, I thought: “I’ll just go in my paint clothes so he won’t make me get down from the car and say hi to everyone.” I mean, come on now, I don’t feel good!

So I get there and Patrick runs up and hops in the car. “Darn, you wore your paint clothes! I wanted you to say hi to everyone, they want to see you!”

I giggled in a “Ha-ha, my plan worked!” kind of way. Patrick kissed me and went to go pack the band equipment in the back of our 4Runner. I smiled in satisfaction and pulled out my iPhone to check my MySpace messages to pass the time. No sooner than one minute, I hear Patrick tell someone “Yeah, she’s here! Crafty Chica is in the car! Come say hi to her!”

My eyebrows popped up in ultimate horror. Before I could angrily “sshhh’ him, our handsome friend Sammy the fireman pops his head in the window to kiss me on the cheek. “Hi Kathy! Wow, did you make your shirt?”

For the next 30 minutes while Patrick loaded the car, he sent everyone over to say hi to me. So there I am with my frizzy Marge Simpson ponytail on top of my head, in my grungy paint clothes hugging a line of nicely dressed people through the driver’s window.

I didn’t have a chance to be furious because I was genuinely happy to see all my old friends, but man, I learned my lesson! Next time I’m taking five extra minutes to get dressed because cold or no cold, quick trip or not, you just never know who you are going to bump into!

As far as Patrick, hmmmm. Maybe next time I’ll just call him a cab! (JK!)

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  1. I use “Emergecee” anytime I feel a ting of sickness coming on. It’s a powder that dissolves in water…it’s bubbly and tastes like watered-down tang…but I swear it works!

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