Peppermint Snowflake Bark

Crafting doesn’t always have to involve glue, scissors and paint. Visit the local craft store and you’ll find a whole section dedicated to do-it-yourself food projects such as cake decorating, and my favorite – candy melts!

Candy melts come in all kinds of colors, and you can add whatever other embellishments you wish, including edible glitter, sprinkles, favor bags or colorings. I went with a silicone snowflake molds and crushed candy canes. These wintry treats are perfect for parties, gifts or just to keep the holiday spirit bubbling in your house.

Peppermint Snowflake Bark


1 silicone snowflake mold
1 bag of white candy melts
6 candy canes
Microwave safe bowl
Mixing spoon
2 resealable sandwich bags

Directions: Open the candy canes and put them in a resealable candy bag, and then put that bag inside another. Seal it closed. Crunch candy canes down to small pieces with a mallet or coffee cup.
Pour the bag of candy melts in the bowl and microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring between each one. When melts are soft and creamy (think cake batter), pour it into the molds, evenly distributing through out all of them. Lightly lift and drop the mold tray on the counter so the candy gets into all the grooves. Sprinkle a generous amount of candy cane dust on each one. Let cool for an hour, and then carefully peel them out of the molds.
Variations: For thick snowflakes, add another layer of melted candy on top of the candy cane dust. For thinner, wafer-like snowflakes, use half the bag of melts.

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