We adopted a baby!

He is of the furry variety, but a baby all the same. He is three months old! He has tan legs, which makes him look like he is wearing boots. So named him Bootsy (“Boo” for short). That means we now have THREE Chihuahuas and one maltihuahua (maltese/Chihuahua). They are so small that they actually are like two medium dogs. Right? Yes, I know I am in denial. I’m a freak for having four yappy dogs, but just let me enjoy this moment in time, OK?

Here’s one more puppy picture!

Thanksgiving was nice, hope yours was too! On Tuesday, Patrick and I made a turkey dinner just for the four of us (that means the kids). We have two houses to visit on turkey day, and therefore we just kinda nibble at each one, so when we get home we are always craving cold turkey sandwiches and stuffing. So now, at least we have our own little gobble gobble to nibble nibble on this week!

Before I forget, I want to share a link to a friend of mine’s blog. Have you ever heard of Heidi Swapp? She is like the guru goddess of scrapbooking, and the other night I was catching up on her blog only to learn that she and her whole family moved the CHINA! Her husband has a budding business and they all moved and began a new life journey there. I’ve always been fascinated by China and the culture and hope to visit there someday, especially after watching Top Model, Anthony Bourdain, and Survivor. I feel like China is everywhere I look!. Heidi’s blog is the next best thing, her pictures are amazing and so are her journal entries!

Oh! Next week is the launch of my new “Crafting With the Chica” videos. They haven’t even aired half of my other ones, and now they are rolling out new ones. These are super fun, you’ll see very soon!

And I am keeping true to my “40 Days of a Chica Christmas” idea. Starting tomorrow – *oh, it is already tomorrow* – anyway, I’ll post a different inspiration every day!

Well, I’m off to update my store for the holidays!

Merry Christmas! Woo, it sounds so good to say that. Bring on the tinsel and glitter!


Love & light,

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  1. He looks like a very perfect pup.
    He is adorable. What a great addetion to the family. Where U live the only pest I am allowed to have are fish..I am greatful for that because my grandson adores them. Congrats on the addition to our family. give the pup a special hug for me…I love animals,and would add asweet thing like the one you adoped.Congraats and Merry Christams.An anamil love fron alifornia.

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