Back in the saddle.

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind week in Fresno finalizing the packaging on all the Crafty Chica product line goodies. Not only did I pour over and double proof all the copy on the boxes, I also wrote up new directions each and every item. The design team has been retooling the color concepts and it just keeps looking better and better!

Every time I go to Duncan’s magical headquarters, I see a whole new area I missed before. This time my friend Lindy took me into the chemist’s lab where everything is white and pristine, just like you would imagine a chemist’s lab to be. It’s a secret room where two whizzical guys concoct and test out all kinds of formulas that eventually do or do not make it on our store shelves.

I also got to see another room that is crazy cool – it is like a HUGE mock store – every aisle represents a different retail store and their display set ups. One of the Duncan sales reps let me help her play around the with Crafty Chica set up – mixing and matching the products to see how they look on the walls and shelves. I had no idea all that went into it!

Aside from working on the products, I had other kinds of drama, all fun memorable stuff – like using a rental car for the first time in Fresno, and in that car – getting lost at night, in the rain, for an hour. And a flat tire. And accidentally flinging a breakfast fork off the table with such force it landed on my te and pierced it!

Yah. For real.

*Waves hand in front of face* Don’t ask.

I’m not complaining, I got to hang with the Duncan crew for lunches and dinners and even the movies (yay, August Rush!!) The high point was the entire marketing staff had cake for my birthday Friday morning!! I made it home safe and sound Friday night with lots of hugs and nuzzles from Patrick, the kids, and our four puppies.

While I was at the Phoenix airport, I noticed a gallery display featuring the work of one of my former newspaper editor, Jenny Ignasewski! I’m so dang proud of her, she left a cushy cool gig at the paper to pursue a painting career and now her art is EVERYwhere and people flock to see it and buy it.

Oooooh, I’m so happy. When I came home yesterday, I was delighted to see that my Moo cards had finally arrived! I’m going to put them in all my outgoing orders and Christmas cards, and then I’m going to make up a special collector’s batch for the CHA winter show. At the BlogHer conference, ArtUnraveled and CHA Summer Show, everyone and their crafty mother asked me if I had any to trade. This time I want to be prepared and come fully loaded! I’ll test them out tomorrow when I have lunch with the Phoenix Craft Mafia chicas!

Well I am way behind on Internet stuff, I better get for now. I have a gazillion emails to answer, projects to post, and other things. Get ready for a steady stream of posts!

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