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Bottlecap Tree

Turn your revelry into bottle-cap tree

Kathy Cano-Murillo
Special for the Republic
Dec. 8, 2007 12:00 AM

In our house the holiday season means lots of parties. Between family and friends, and imported beers and sodas, I’m always left with an abundance of bottle caps.

When you are a hopeless craftaholic like myself, you see each one as a mini picture frame. I can’t even think of tossing them out. I recently arranged them all together and came out with this cool collage tree decoration.

I used vintage holiday images from ARTchixStudio.com, but you also can use personal photos, as long as you shrink them to fit in the bottle cap.

Bottle Cap Picture Tree


Holiday images (color copies of personal or other photos)
1-inch circle punch
Hot glue gun
75-80 silver bottle caps
Aleene’s Paper Glaze (in bottle that has long skinny nozzle)
Micro fine gold glitter
1 foam tree, 10 inches tall
Micro fine green glitter
Red ball for the top of the tree
4-inch clay saucer to serve as pedestal for tree


Cut out images with the circle punch, and glue each one into a bottle cap. Run a bead of the dimensional adhesive around the inside of the bottle cap (to frame each image with sparkle). Then, sprinkle gold glitter inside, and tap out the excess. Start at the bottom of the foam tree, and using the hot glue gun, affix the bottle caps in a row along the bottom. Repeat for the next row, working your way up.

Use the dimensional adhesive to squeeze glue in crevices between the bottle caps and pour on the green glitter. Tap away excess. Hot glue the red ball to the top of the tree, and the saucer (inverted) to the bottom.

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