Accidental Crocheted Cap

Never toss out a mistake! That is my lesson of the week.
I was so excited that my friend Vickie Howell launched her own line of yarns, called Craft. Rock. Love. – and that she even named one after me:

$10.50, Chica 775

She sent me a package with samples and I couldn’t wait to crochet something. I happened to be leaving out of town that day, and took the yarn and a hook. I decided on a simple skullcap – something I could finish by the end of the plane ride. I must have been either too excited or too stressed, because the hat came out two times larger than I wanted. So much for my math skills. When I got home, I couldn’t bear to unravel it all. A crafty friend suggested I turn it inside out and take it in with my sewing machine’s overlock function. A risky move, but I went for it.

I loved the result! The effect was a small “ruffle” looking seam. So I repeated the stitch all around the hat. Not only did it make for the perfect skullcap, it also has a funky ribbed-like texture. My advice? The next time you think a craft project is shot, step back and look at it from a new perspective, see what you can do to make it work. Maybe you’ll invent a new technique! As far as this cap, it’s a great project to make as a last minute gift because it is super simple!

NOTE: I’ve been crocheting for years, but never use patterns, so I tired my best to type this out for you, but feel free to adjust as needed!

2 skeins of red cotton yarn
Red thread
1 H-8 crochet hook
Sewing machine

Round 1: Work 15 single crochet (sc) into ring. Round 2: Begin working through back loop only, 14 single crochet in each stitch (st) around. Round 3: Work 14 triple crochet in each stitch around. Continue until the hat is as long as you desire. I made my down to my eyebrows, so I could flip up the hem. Snip and tie off the end. Turn the hat inside out. Using the overlock or zigzag function on your sewing machine, sew seams vertically around the hat. Snip excess threads. Wear and enjoy!

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  1. never thought of sewing over my crochet. awesome f-ing idea, chica. opens a whooe new world of possibilities. i bow to you. merry holiday to you & yours.

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