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Whew, thank you for all your support for our little Bootsie! We went to the vet and he does not have parvo, or anything like it!! He is growing super fast and that is why his body is so skinny. And he is pooped out (literally). Today he was back to his bouncy self and we have put him on a new diet (chicken broth over his dry food) to help him eat. And that was the magic trick! I was soooo worried. I thought he had parvo, and that he gave it to our other dogs and that by this time next week, they would all be goners. I cried and cried all night on Sunday. I finally took a Tylenol PM at 3:30 a.m., by the time I woke up, Bootsie was back to his silly self. He reminded me of the kids when they were little. They would be on their death bed, we’d race to the ER, get there and they’d be all happy and chatty, and the doctor would ask “So, um – whats wrong with them??”

Anyway, I’m so happy all is well!!! What a way to start off a birthday!!

Speaking of brthday, mine rocked yesterday. I got so many wonderful shout outs, emails, cards, calls, gifts from all kinds of cool people. The kids baked me cupcakes and I ate one in everyone’s honor!! I am so grateful, thank you!!!

OK, now down to business! The cruise! The cruise!

THIS SATURDAY, December 15th, is the last day to sign up to get the discount rate. So if you are considering going, please sign up here. Read all the details about workshops HERE. We already have a nice amount of people signed up and we are going to have a blast. Last year was a riot and I know this year will be even better. Mexico, crafting, 24/7 food buffets, freeglitter – what more can you ask for?

OK, last – if you are looking for a handmade gift this season, Target is still selling my jewelry! This week they are on sale! The Religious Ribbon Necklace is really cute and affordably priced!

Ok, I’m off to get some much-needed work done. Thank you again for all the good vibes about my little doggie, they helped!!!

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  1. Yay! I’m so glad that Bootsie baby is okay! If I wasn’t at work, I would do a happy dance for you! I just lost my 16-year-old dog in September, so I know how much these guys mean to our families. Cheers!

  2. oh what a huge relief!! silly puppy, scaring you like that! I’ve actually never owned a dog, but I love love all animals, and if a kitten acts like yours did, the signs don’t look good, either. Yay chicken soup!

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