Heartburn and a headache

Is it OK if I vent here for a bit? I have serious heartburn and a throbbing headache right now, so I’m blogging to see if it helps. I promise to end on a happy note, some way, some how.

Drumroll, please…

We shipped out fifty boxes and dusted off our hands thinking that was the end of the holiday orders.


All weekend new orders have been coming in through our online store. They HAVE to be shipped tomorrow in order to make it to their destinations by Christmas, which means they all HAVE to be made tonight. We’ve been working around the clock for several months now. I’m freakin’ tired already! BUT – I am grateful for the business and the people who like our art enough to spend their money on it. But I’m still freakin’ tired. I need a break from sprinkling glitter. There. I said it. Never thought those words would come out of my mouth!

And then the puppy is still pooping all over the house no matter how much we follow him around. It’s like he turns invisible to do his business, and next thing you know I’m stepping in it and gagging.

And the kids. Arguing with eachother all weekend. I’ve already broken up a Swiffer showdown in the hallway, I’ve slid across the tile floor on a mini-rubber ball, and hollered at Maya for 1. pushing DeAngelo into the door resulting in breaking my craft prpject for next week’s newspaper column which I will have to remake immediately, and 2. breaking the clippy thing on the back of my iPhone.

Oh, that’s nothing! She happened to read me her “inantimate object memory” monologue for theatre class tomorrow. She is bringing a broken Christmas tree ornament because the story she chose to recite consists of the time I got so mad at DeAngelo for his bad report card that I “threw the Christmas tree across the family room”.

Long story. But you would have done the same thing! He was a freshman in high school and his math class had brought on many, many tears and war cries throughout the semester. He swore up and down that he had finally turned in all his homework and was getting a B. The report card came, he hid it, I found it after searching like a ninja spy – and when I confronted him about why he lied – all he could do was shrug and say “I don’t know” over and over. It was like talking to the wall. He had no remorse. I told him if he didn’t take math seriously he would end up working at a fast food restaurant all his life. He said “I don’t mind doing that.”

I was PMSing that day. The tree was fake and lightweight. And close by. I knocked it over in a fit of Mommy rage. I remember his mouth dropping in shock, along with Maya’s. Yes, yes, yes, I regret it. Mostly because now Maya is sharing a highly exaggerated version to her whole class about the time I “THREW the tree like The Incredible Hulk across the family room“.

Inantimate object memory monologue? I suggested she bring in the Swiffer, the puppy poop, or the broken iPhone clippy thing.

Ah, I think that is the end of my gripe list. So I’ll fast forward to happier times. Saturday Patrick and I had a little appreciation night for local folks who have been supporting us over the years. He performed four sets at Cien Agaves Restaurant and in between each song he called out a Loteria card. Earlier I had handed everyone a card, so everyone waited with baited breath (kinda sorta) to see who would win exciting things like an ornament or a CD. Everyone was so nice and appreciative! Even some of our family came out!

Here is Sarah, the drummer’s girlfriend. Her alter ego is “Certified Lunachick”. She’s a roller derby girl and she is showing off her signature scowl!

OK, this next picture shows just how tight the crafty scene is here. This is my friend Stacia who just moved here from New Mexico. She brought me a tree she made. And it just so happened, I had a tree I made. So right there in the club, on the dance floor, right by where the free tequila samples were being passed out, we traded our handmade trees!

And this last photo is from a restaurant. Our waiter showed us this oragami tip he recieved from a customer. He told us how meaningful it was that someone went out of their way to fold their money for him. I thought it was cute too so I thought I’d share it.

Before you click away from here thinking “Oh my gosh, Kathy has anger management problems…” just know it was a one time incident. I’ve never thrown a tree since!

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