Holiday craft tips

Sometimes to keep things fresh, you have to step away from the scene. That’s what I did this weekend from my blog. But now I’m back with three nifty secrets of the trade to help you with your holiday crafting!

1. How to unclog your glue nozzles without tears.

I have a very bad habit of losing the caps to my glue. That leads to the glue drying inside the nozzle and makes for a headache next time I go to use it. So now I just whip out my Dremel. We’re talking kamikaze crafting, people. It works, and it works fast.

2. How to dry wet ornaments without tears and cussing.

Next time you are at Target, or any place where they have a garden section, spill 3 bucks on a tomato cage, and use it to hang your wet ornaments. I use clothespins. Actually, this cage is great for hanging all kinds of stuff to dry!

3. How to make your own super shiny plastic-coated stickers.

Print out your favorite images on glossy photo paper. Cut them out. Use two-part resin and a chopstick to coat each image with the resin. Let them dry on a flat surface lined with wax paper. When they are dry, they will look just like those expensive ones at the craft store! I like how the coating is so thick and shiny!

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  1. Hi Kathy,

    You have mentioned the dremel a couple of times lately. I looked it up but remain a bit confused. Is there a particular model you recommend?

    Thanks, Jody


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