Nothing can stop me, not even a toothache!

I didn’t want to believe it at first.

I figured maybe I got a popcorn kernal stuck in my gums. Or perhaps I bit my cheek.

By Thursday night, I knew the truth: toothache.

Friday morning I ever-so-reluctantly dragged my aching body into the dentist. I don’t do well with professional tooth pickers. My last denist’s name was Dr. Lamb. I chose him for his name, thinking he would have a gentle bedside manner. Come to find out, he was more like “Silence of Dr. Lamb” – when this went down.

I haven’t been back in the upside chair since. But this time I knew I had to go. My jaw ached, so did my cheek and even my eye socket. So said my prayers and went to my mom’s dentist. Thank goodness it was a much better experience, except for the the fact that I have a nasty infection in one of my wisdom teeth. AND that I have a whole extra set of wisdom teeth!

I’ve been on antibiotics and Vicodin since yesterday, pushing through the pain. I went all week in pain and functioned perfectly, so I tried to continue. But it is different when the doctor tells you “Ouch! How long have you been going with this, you should be crying in bed right now!”

Patrick has been so sweet. Every six hours, including midnight and 6 am, he disperses my pill and water, along with a kiss and hug. Maya set up the XBOX so I can watch movies in between my drug-induced naps. DeAngelo gives me a thumbs up everytime I get up for water.

I’m so bummed because all I want to do is make art or clean the house or better yet, SHOP!

I’m in between pills right now, so I’m blogging to get up more project posts before Tuesday. Like anyone is really reading blogs right now, everyone is out wrapping gifts, sipping on mulled cidar or partying – right?

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