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Wish Upon A Star Bracelet

This is the season for magic, dreams and wishes. Everyone has a secret plan they hope will come to fruition some day. This little bracelet will help. The idea is to give the bracelet to someone and tell the person to wish upon the star and then tie the bracelet around the wrist or ankle. When the thread wears down and breaks, the star charm will be released into the universe and soon the recipient’s wish will come true!


1 long piece of thread (about 24 inches)
1 star charm
1 piece of colorful card stock with the directions written on it
Small bracelet gift box
Craft paint

Directions: Paint and decorate the box and set aside to dry. Double the thread and slide on the charm. Leave the ends open so the person can tie it on. Place the bracelet in the box with the directions.

Tip: Instead of just one bracelet, give your friend two so they can pass one on as well. Better yet, give them several to use throughout the month.

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