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An open letter to Ellen DeGeneres

Dear Ellen:

I love you. I’ve always loved you. So much that I’ve always had your back through goods times and bad. I love you because you preach love, kindness and equality for all people and things!

Which is why this recent segment broke my heart!

Please don’t try to get glitter banned! I happen to be a fan of glitter because I feel it shines light both literally and metaphorically. Light is good because it gives people a sense of wonder and hope that they might need at that very moment.

OK, I can totally understand your points – BUT you are talking about “loose” glitter. Please understand that is just one (the most well known) kind of glitter. Not all glitters are the same.

Please don’t pass judgement on all glitters based on this one type.

Yes, loose glitter can be a headache to deal with. It has no shame, it sticks from person to person, thing to thing, with no remorse. And um, yes, I use it faithfully. And secretly, I kinda like it when one of my flecks spreads to someone else!

HOWEVER – I’m a preacher of “safe sparkle”. I teach many workshops and have met many people who don’t like loose glitter either, so I educate them on loose glitter alternatives. And I think if you knew about these, you might find it in your heart to come to love glitter.

I know you will probably never see this, but I want to help you find the right glitter for your personality!! And then you can share it on your show next holiday season so when people send you cards they will know what kind of glitter to use that will be still be sparkly, without the trouble.

Water-based brush on glitter: This comes in a bottle, in liquid form and you simply brush it on over any surface. It dries, and the glitter stays in place, no stray flecks anyway! May-jah sparkle!

Squeeze on glitter: This is concentrated glitter that comes also in a thick creamy gel in all different colors. You squeeze it on and when it dries, it looks like it is loose glitter, but doesn’t shed.

Spray-on glitter: This comes in a bottle or can and you spray where you want it. And it sticks! No muss, no fuss!

Glitter paint: This is paint that has glitter in it, again, it dries, looks brilliant and you don’t have to get it on your fingers!

Glitter fabric: My favorite is red glittered vinyl. Like the kind used on retro barstools. You just cut and sew and go!

There are gobs more, but these are just a start. I think if more anti-glitter people were educated on this topic and all it’s varieites, the world would be a happier place!Let’s all practice safe sparkle, let’s stop the hate, the misunderstandings, and come to love all things that sparkle and shine.

Life is too short not to!

I think even the next President would agree with that.

Peace, love, and glitter,
Kathy Cano-Murillo
The Crafty Chica


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