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Flirty Word Heart Lights


Put your love up in lights to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

It’s never too early to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s less than a month away, after all.

One simple way to add a dash of amore to your décor is to go with one of my favorite methods of crafting: embellishing goodies from the department store.

You can find a variety of heart-shaped patio lights in the seasonal section of retail outlets. Personalize them with rub-on letters or paint. I went with the rub-on letters because in the end, they have a polished look. If you feel frisky you can spell out a sentence, or decoupage love quotes or pictures on them. How about the word “love” in different languages? Either way, once they are hung, they can add a kissy-kissy mood to your room.

Flirty Word Heart Lights

1 string of heart patio lights (glass, paper or plastic)
1 package of rub-on letters (or paint, brush or stencils)
1 Popsicle stick

Directions: Make sure the surface of the light casing is free of smudges. Write up a list of short words related to love (love, kiss, nice, hug, hot, yum, amour, etc). Lay the letter sheet over the area and use the stick to rub on each letter. Make sure to fully rub it, then carefully lift the sheet. Don’t rip it off fast because the letter may tear. Repeat for the next letter. Continue until all of the lights are finished.

Tips and variations: To seal your letters, use a brush-on, water-based varnish. If you run out of letters, just touch it up with paint and a liner brush.

You can actually do t his project anytime of the year on any string of lights or lightlight – put your favorite all-time empowering words on each light!

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