I really wanted to go to bed, but…she’s crafty!

i’m just too wound up! Patrick and I just returned tonight from Vancouver, BC. I was invited to guest star on a fun show for HGTV Canada called “She’s Crafty”, created and hosted by the adorable Wendy Russell.

We arrived Sunday to find that Wendy hooked us up in a totally hip hotel, the Pacific Palisades, on Robson Street. We had the best suite on the block with a killer view of the ocean. We checked in, and then sipped on Gin Blossom Martinis in the bar. Well I did. Patrick had apple beer. We were so excited to have this little romantic getaway that doubled as a super fun crafty gig. Or vice versa. You know what I mean!

Monday was all about taping. At home when I prepped my project, I remembered Wendy telling me “5-6 steps, Kathy – only 5-6 steps!” Based on those 5-6 steps, I’d be home by 5 p.m. at the latest. Very cool, we’d have the whole night to chill and enjoy the atmosphere.


Felicity, the producer, picked me up at 7:30 a.m., and Patrick decided to sleep in. He told me to call later with the address so he could take a cab and meet me. I called all day, but he never answered. I imagined him strolling throughout the city, making new friends, dancing, laughing, shopping, having fun – while I poured glitter and glued sequins.


When we actually started taping the segment and breaking down the step-outs of my project, I realized that my 5-6 steps are actually 10-12 steps for everyone else. So the event stretched in a 12-hour day of shooting. My feet were a tad fried, but I loved every second of the shooting experience!

I finally walked into our swanky hotel room, exhausted, at 7:30 p.m. to find Patrick under the covers of the bed. All I could see was his arm sticking out, with the TV remote attached to it.

“I’m home!”, I sang out. “I tried calling you all day…”

“My cell phone was in your purse,” he deadpanned. “And this has been the loneliest day of my life.”

Yikes. Not only that, but the day had 70 mph winds. Our hotel room had one complete wall of windows and we were on the 19th floor. Patrick said all day it sounded like the windows would break at any second from the power of the winds, so he stayed in the bedroom. Poor guy!! He said he imagined me going out to dinner with the crew, laughing and shopping, etc…

We ended up going to a late dinner and laughed about our day. About how I burned my pinky on the hot knife, and he shared how he sat in a pub for two hours and wrote a scifi- story in his journal. This morning we woke up and went shopping before catching our flight home.

Tomorrow is *high gear* work, lots and lots of things on my list, all due right now. Packages to mail, art to make, copy to edit. I’m so happy we had this break to escape, even if it was just for a couple of days. I am sending so many happy vibes to Wendy and the crew for having Patrick and I out there. We loved it and appreciate it so much!

Here is something important that I came across tonight that I want to share:

My friend Bernie Berlin, author of the wonderful book, Artist Trading Card Workshop, spends many hours rescuing dogs. She chronicles all about it on her blog, A Place to Bark.


She is trying for a $50,000 grant to further her work of saving animals. To win, she needs to recieve the most amount of $10 donations (each donation must be from a different person to count for the grant) possible before Jan 31st. Her badge is #4 right now is in the big top ten badges but she needs stay in the top 4 to win the grant. and the other badges are catching up…

Here is the link to donate for Bernie’s cause. It’s only $10!

And again, you can read all about it at her blog, A Place to Bark!

OK, now I’m ready for bed! I promise to get more projects up this week!

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that when we came home, we found out that Patrick has been offered a gig in Puerto Rico! So next month for a weekend, we will be in PR while he performs at a resort. Never been there, always wanted to go!

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