Queen of Hearts Window Box


It’s mid-January and I haven’t posted new projects in a while, shame on me! I haven’t had time to tinker with new projects yet, but will very soon. In the meantime, here is a golden oldie. I love this idea because it is just five inexpensive picture frames transformed into a box to hold all your treats from candy to cotton balls!


5 picture frames w/ glass (buy at the dollar store!)
Red spray paint
Deck of cards
Chip or cardboard
Red squeeze paint
Red mardi gras beads
Extra strength adhesive and hot glue
Large doll head (wood ball with flat side)
Felt tabs

1. Remove the glass and spray paint the frames, let dry.
2. Arrange the frames in the way they will be assembled. Use the sandpaper to remove paint from the sides that you will be gluing together.
3. Replace glass.
4. Use extra-strength adhesive and hot glue to glue the frames together in a box shape. The hot glue will allow them to secure while the other glue dries.
5. Glue on the chipboard, trim any excess.
6. Set box upright and use the squeeze paint to affix the playing cards to the glass, add beads to borders, etc.
7. Decorate the top frame and glue a ball to the top.
8. Add felt tabs to the bottom side of the top.
9. Glue dice for feet.

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