SNEAK PEEK: New Crafty Chica product line!

Since April, I’ve been dropping little bread crumbs about my new gig at Duncan Enterprises. They brought me into their magical manufacturing universe to create a brand new product line based on this very web site, my artwork that I’ve been making for years with my husband Patrick, as well as the happy philosophy behind it.

They have and and now…CRAFTY CHICA!

It’s been equally exciting as frightening (in a good way!). It was so hard to come up with 100+ products and decide if they should be based on themes I know and love, or themes I think consumers would know and love. I followed my heart, did a LOT of research, and then did my best to come up with a shiny balance of the two. Basically, I dabble in all kinds of genres of crafty, so the line reflects that! 🙂

I have four Chihuahuas, so you’ll see their spirit in the line. I love roses, saints, skulls, and cupcakes. Color combinations of red, green, and purple. I’ve always been about “triple shine”action: bright colors, lots of glitter sealed with high gloss varnish! So that is all in there. I’ve always loved to collect and horde pictures to use in all kinds of ways, so Patrick drew dozens and dozens of gorgeous images for the line. I love world culture, pop culture, rebel culture! And of course traditional Mexican culture. So all of that is sprinkled in too! I designed everything to be mixed and matched. I made sure each product has a gob of uses! That goes back to the days when Patrick and I didn’t have much money and we learned secrets for stretching our supplies.

I love glitter so much that I even talked Duncan into letting me mix my own glitter colors! At first I think they thought I was kidding, but one day my boss walked in on me working at my desk like a crazy crafty chemist – and she knew I was serious! The glitters are so beautiful and multi-dimensional! I could just eat them with a spoon. Take that, Ellen!

And then there are kits, that are just like the the art workshops I teach all over the country, except they come in a box so you can make it at home! And like my class kits, they are jam packed with supplies and ideas.

Aside from the bright colors and funky themes, the basis is all about self-empowerment, something I’ve always encouraged here. Overall, the Crafty Chica product line is VERY different from everything out there.

If you are a store owner or product buyer, we will have a HUGE display of every single product at CHA, February 10-13. Booth 4001!!

I’ll (Patrick too!) be there from dawn until dusk, answering any questions you have, demoing the products, signing my books, and even passing out Crafty Chica bobbleheads (yes, seriously!) that Duncan had created for the event! Please come by and see me!

And if you are a glitter-friendly consumer, pass along this post to your local craft store and ask them to come by the booth so they can carry the line – that way you can buy the products and have fun using them!

And here is another sneak peek!! It is Duncan’s page for CHA! It is supposed to be for the convention next month, but I got permission to post it here FIRST!

OK, I’m heading back to the art studio. Please pass along the good news. I’ll post more info as it comes up!

Above all, thank you to everyone who has supported my crafty endeavors! I’m sending you all happy blessings and good karma galore!

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  1. WOW-o-WOW-o-WOW!

    The products looks spectacular – fun, spunky, sassy and COLORFUL! I love it! You have done a fantastic job, and it will be fun to watch you enjoy the fruits of all your labor. Wish I could be at the CHA event! Congrats and continued success! 🙂

  2. Congratulations!I am so excited to see your new line!

    I am a Phoenix resident and craftster. I was sorry I missed the Phoenix DIY meeting last month. I follow you through your blog, Channel 3 and the Republic.

    You are awesome!

  3. VERY exciting—– I can’t wait. If I can have glittery skulls I shall simply be rather goosey!!!

    Congrats, very exciting!!!

    I’m bummed to miss a CC Bobblehead. Really!

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