CHA show wrap up!

(Me on stage next to Carol Duvall at Art Unscripted Live. Yay to Suzanne Lamar and Sarah Hodsdon for setting this up!!!)

So much can happen in a week. This time last Friday, I was frantically spinning my wheels, panting heavy, trying to get everything ready for the show. And what a show it was!

Since April I’ve been working with Duncan Enterprises on creating this new, amazing, product line inspired by my web site and workshops. When the show finally opened, I held back a mini-panic attack. Would people *get* it? Multi-culti designs, bright colors, high intensity glitter, hi gloss varnish?

(Crafty Chica Loteria Game)


By lunchtime the first day, we knew it was a smashing success with both “orders and press” (direct quote from the VP of Duncan!). The make-and-take tables were full all the way from the beginning of the show Sunday to the very end Wednesday at 2 p.m. Many people came back all three days to make a tote. The first day we glittered them, the second day we used paints and transparent liquid glitter, and the third we used fabric markers. The last day anything and everything!

What was so cool was that there were folks of all ages, some had tattoos, some had red hats. Some had purple hair, others had styled bobs. People of all kinds of ethnic backgrounds – and crafty genres too. At one point an editor from a popular country style magazine sat down at the table, and I thought, “Oh no, she will not like this…” and she picked out a bird with roses tote and stayed until she finished decorating it. It came out beautiful! At the end, she reached out and shook my hand and congratulated me on the line!

Another cool thing – at my saint workshop, everyone had to use the Crafty Chica paints to mix their own skin color for their sttue. I showed them the basic formula – yellow with a drop of red, and a dot of black. You should have seen all the various skin tones they came up with, most almost exactly reflected their own skin. Who knew yellow, red and black could go so many ways?

By Wednesday, I had went through two book signings, and gave out almost 400 bobbleheads. There was glitter everywhere! Everyone who came into the booth smiled at the products and the stories behind them. They loved that there *was* a story, instead of just “this is a new colorful line”.

My favorite aspect? All my crafty friends in the industry who made an effort to come by and give me a big bear hug. It’s very hard to maintain a living living a crafty, artful life and paying the bills too. We are all striving for that. So when one of us scores, all of us do. I am so proud to say many of my friends were there promoting their deals as well – Vickie Howeel and her new book, Cathie Filian and Steve from Creative Juice, Traci Bautista has a new “Collage Pauge” line of products through Duncan. Margot Potter and her books! I could go on and on!

Life is nothing unless you have family and friends to celebrate it with. The Duncan team has become my extended family, and it was wonderful to have Patrick to finally meet them. My sister came out too, as well as Harriet and Mary from Lifetime TV!

I posted a whole gob of photos on my Flickr account here.

As far as when items will be available in stores – this summer, hopefully by July. And by all means, if you want your local craft store (big or small) to carry the line, refer them over here and I will direct them to the right people!

Love & light,

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  1. Awesome Awesome Awesome! Everything looks so fantastic – including YOU! This stuff looks so cool – when is it going to be available? I’ve gotta get one of those paint-a-saint things for my daughter.

    This all is so great, though – so much more fun than a lot of the craft stuff that’s out there. I love seeing your awesome style in these products! Whoohoo!

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