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Yes, that is supposed to me as a ceramic bobblehead! There’s even glitter on it! The marketing team at Duncan Enterprises had these created so we could hand them out at CHA. It kinda looks like me, but then it kinda doesn’t. Regardless, it’s cute! And to think that the original model was hand carved from a photo!

I should be in the art room right now, but I needed a BREAK. It was either a bowl of Fruit Loops or blogging. I can’t afford any calories, so blogging it is!

We leave for CHA *early* Saturday morning and I still have a list of huge tasks to complete in ONE day (um, that would be tomorrow):

– Finish my art apron (current project-in-progress).
– Make two model shrines for the booth.
– Make and print a batch of flyers.
– Blog about my schedule.
– Buy clothes for both me and Patrick.
– Get my hair did.
– Clean the house for our relatives who are house sitting.

Oh! And get the last of the photo shoot items over to my book photog’s house.

And tomorrow is my dad’s birthday.

Oh! And make a glittered Mickey Mouse shirt!

Tonight’s dilemma – skip a night of sleep to keep working and risk having puffy eyes, and being cranky for the show OR go to bed and wake up early and start again, refreshed? If I do the latter, I’ll miss out on precious hours. But if I stay up all night, my chances of having a public meltdown at the show increases dramatically.

So, about this apron. All I needed was “an apron”. That’s all, just an apron. This is for me to wear at the Crafty Chica Make It Take It craft sessions, a workshop I’m teaching, and the big public “craft off”.

No biggie, just a simple apron. They are sold for $5.99 at Target. I could have bought one and easily embellished it, but NO. I just had to make one from flippin’ scratch. Printed off my CC papers onto fabric and stitched the whole thing. I added fringe and a waistband, and pockets galore. I wanted to make the top part like two criss-crossy straps, like a bandida crafter, but it didn’t quite come out right. Maybe that is a good thing. Would that be too contrived? Crafty Chica with a bandida crafty apron? Why do I worry about what others will think? I should just make it the way I want it! If I did decide to follow through with the straps, it has to be done NOW. And I’m horrible at engineering. Patrick (who is awesome at engineering) is at the recording studio so I’m on my own. My goal is to somehow get this dang apron done before midnight. EEEk. It’s getting late, I better hurry!

Honestly, it’s not the above list of duties that has me biting my nails. It’s the whole debut, launch, etc. Wondering what people will say to each other when they leave the booth. Will they understand the love and thought I put into it all? We’re talking 108 products with my name on them. Each one is like a little baby we (me, Patrick, and Duncan) created.

I still can’t believe a year ago I was crying every day on my way into work because I was exhausted from being sad and stressed. My poor family put up with my drama and did their best to cheer me up. Them, blogging, making art, and writing are the things that kept me hanging on. This sounds so cheesy, but this time last year, I went to CHA and heard all about “The Secret” and the law of attraction. I totally, 100%, bought into it, changed the way I thought about everything – and look where it led!

I believe in visual manifestation. Did you know that I used to cover my paint bottles in my own Crafty Chica collage papers? And my glue sticks too? Little did I know that someday those would really become actual products! This week on Oprah, she had a follow up on The Secret and they talked about making a visual board to hang in your house. It is supposed to include pictures of all your hopes and dreams so you see it everyday and those things will manifest in your life.

I got goosebumps watching it. Why? Because, believe it or not – three of my kits in the product line are exactly about that! And I’ve always been about making and teaching shrine workshops on that very topic. I had an Oprah “Ah-ha!” moment while watching the show. I feel like my mission with Crafty Chica with the product line, the books, TV stuff – is to motivate other people to make art with meaning, to better their lives. Yikes. Lordy, it is too late, I’m rambling on goofy stuff!

Bottom line? If you are in a super sucky place right now, they IS a way out. But you have to do some work on it. The best place to start is by making a proclamation of what you want to do or where you want to see yourself. Then look into taking the steps to doing that. Look for signs, don’t take anything for granted. Keep on with what you are doing, but convince yourself that it is only temporary. Instead of saying “Hopefully something else will come along” say instead “I’m going to be working at….” or “I’m going to be selling my art at…” Be specific! Life is too short to be wishy washy or waiting for things to fall in your lap. Just go after it already!

OK, back to business –

While I’m here – here is my schedule for CHA if you happen to be going!

SUNDAY, Feb 10:

7-9 a.m. Create-A-Saint workshop

9-10 a.m. FREE Crafty Chica bobbleheads to the first 100 people at booth 4001!

9 a.m. – 5 p.m. FREE Make It Take It Crafty Chica Market Totes (These are canvas messenger bags silk screened with Patrick’s art that we will then trick out in fabric markers, paint, glitter, all kinds of cool stuff from the Crafty Chica product line!) Booth 4001.

MONDAY, Feb 11 (Please bring me a mocha if you are there, I have zero breaks this day!)

9-10 a.m. FREE Crafty Chica bobbleheads to the first 100 people!

9 a.m.- noon: More totes!

Noon – 2:30: More tote bags AND a special appearance by Patrick Murillo, my hubby and illustrator of the line.

Noon- 1:30: I will be one of the contestants in Art Unscripted LIVE With Carol Duvall. CHA Theater booth 5317.
NOTE: THIS is so surreal because in my upcoming novel there is a craft off just like this one!!

2 – 2:30 p.m.: “Crafty Chica Interview” by Renee Sparks. CHA Main Theater booth.

2:30-5 p.m.: More totes!

TUESDAY, Feb. 12

9-10 a.m. FREE Crafty Chica Bobbleheads to the first 100 people to booth 4001.

9-4: More tote bags (if we haven’t run out by then!)

4-5: Book signing – FREE copies (one per person).


9-10 a.m.: FREE Crafty Chica bobbleheads to the first 100 people at booth 4001.

9-2: Last of the totes!

OK, I’m off to finish that apron, and then go to bed!

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