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Artful Aprons!

Last week at CHA I spent many happy hours in the Duncan Enterprises booth. I shared my apron drama here, but you should know that mine wasn’t the only handmade apron at our booth! Check out these others!

This is Candy Purse designer, Candace Marquette! She is a die-hard Duncan-ite, you may have seen her (and her artwork) in Tulip and Aleene’s ads.

Next is Alexis Sadler, (“the face of Duncan! as my friend SwellGirl says). Alexis made her apron from a men’s dress shirt, a men’s tie and one of the Tulip jumbo metallic iron ons. Que cute! Alexis designs many of the projects you see for Tulip and Aleene’s.

And here is Cheryl Ball with her apron she made from PAJAMAS! She explained it for us:

“The apron skirt was the front of the pj’s with buttons and pockets. the rest of the pj’s were cut up for ties, waistband, bib etc. I cut up old sweaters, blazers and fabric for the dimensional design. “I sewed them together with floss then glued them in place with Fabric Fusion. I embellished the design of the pj’s with Iron-On Crystals from the multi-pack colors.”

Like Alexis, Cheryl is one of the queen designers for Aleene’s and Tulip! She recently had a feature on her felting artwork in Make It Mine Magazine! I think it is so funny that Cheryl’s last name is “Ball”, as in ball of yarn, and she likes to felt with yarn! I wish I had a crafty name like that!

This is the fabulous Traci Bautista. She demoed for two days in the booth, promoting her new line with Duncan! It is called “Collage Pauge”, plus she has a whole line of cool papers out too. She didn’t even need an apron, she is a walking art piece!

I didn’t realize until the show – that wearing a handmade apron is such a great way to promote your own signature style of art. It also is functional. I made my apron using all kinds of Crafty Chica products and every time I left the booth, people stopped me to either take a picture of my apron, or ask about it. I was able to give them a 5-second spiel and point them to the booth. And it was so fun to hear people comment about the “Duncan aprons! Go see the Duncan aprons!” Alyson Udell and Lindy Selnick are the marketing team who came up with the idea. Very clever ladies!

So this is a message to artists who are working, teaching, talking, demo-ing or even just visiting a craft convention/workshop/conference, etc…MAKE AN APRON and wear it proud!!!


Fabric collage purse VIDA

Fabric Pillow Ring


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  1. Those are really neat! I like how they are different and really show each artists personality. Maybe this calls for a tutorial, chica???


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