Ellen DeGeneres: Please don’t be a glitter hater!

It’s a been a rough day. First, all the Starbucks in the nation are closed, and then this.

Ellen! I LOVE you. But you’ve shattered my heart in a million tiny (sparkly pieces) again TODAY! Oh, the heartache!

Remember the last time I wrote about this? I prayed and prayed maybe somehow you read my note (I only plastered it all over your web site, sent it to your producers, a bulletin to my 10,000 MySpace friends!!). But I guess you missed it.

Please do not hate ALL glitter! I do believe it is “loose” glitter you have issues with. But there are all kinds of “safe sparkle” alternatives, as I mentioned before in my previous letter. Now you are trying throw the glitter Haterade all over Hillary?

Here is my post again of safe sparkle glitter!

I know you will probably never see this, but I want to help you find the right glitter for your personality!! And then you can share it on your show next holiday season so when people send you cards they will know what kind of glitter to use that will be still be sparkly, without the trouble.

Water-based brush on glitter: This comes in a bottle, in liquid form and you simply brush it on over any surface. It dries, and the glitter stays in place, no stray flecks anyway! May-jah sparkle!

Squeeze on glitter:
This is concentrated glitter that comes also in a thick creamy gel in all different colors. You squeeze it on and when it dries, it looks like it is loose glitter, but doesn’t shed.

Spray-on glitter: This comes in a bottle or can and you spray where you want it. And it sticks! No muss, no fuss!

Glitter paint:
This is paint that has glitter in it, again, it dries, looks brilliant and you don’t have to get it on your fingers!

Glitter fabric: My favorite is red glittered vinyl. Like the kind used on retro barstools. You just cut and sew and go!

There are gobs more, but these are just a start. I think if more anti-glitter people were educated on this topic and all it’s varieites, the world would be a happier place!Let’s all practice safe sparkle, let’s stop the hate, the misunderstandings, and come to love all things that sparkle and shine.

Love you, Ellen!

* All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

Love & light,

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I feel so lucky to have a famous woman such as yourself drop by my lil ole blog!!!! I love GLITTER, I love Ellen too…but am so sad to hear she dislikes glitter. I think we should make her something really cool out of glitter and send it to her! Ha!

  2. Oh that is toooooo funny. I LOVE glitter. I once had another artist tell me there were no redeeming qualities about glitter in art and he would never let his art students use it. Oh boy, that set me off and I went on a glitter frenzy and incorporated it into many of my resin paintings LOL!

    I think there should be a mass mailing of glittery art or images of glittery art lol! That’ll teach her to put down glitter.

  3. You HAVE to put together a Duncan gift bag for her and make something FAB to go with it! You are the leader of the glitterazzi and you must defend us!
    DO IT!

  4. I am so honored you commented on my blog! *hugs you* My friend went to CHA and she showed me your bobble head! It is SO cute. I read your blog all the time!

    OMG YOU ARE I WERE THINKING THE SAME THING ABOUT THE OSCARS!! Loved Johnny and ADORED Diablo’s speech! Almost cried when she did! Also love the fact that they let the Irish singer come back out and do her speech.

    DOGS soooo equal love! I love Chihuahuas too. Aren’t small dogs the best? My Aine is right now hanging out with me and watching tv! lol. Seriously they are 12 pound furry humans! lol.

    Now.. speaking of glitter… I am just learning hOW to use it and am having way to MUCH FUN. lol.

    Thanks again for the sweet comment!!

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