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While being a wife, a mom, and an artist takes up most of my waking hours, I also have a foot in the fiction-writing/reading universe. I love to read more than I love to write, paint, or sprinkle glitter. Well…maybe not that last one, but pretty close.

Anyway – I belong to a “Chica Lit” writing group and every so often we do these fun blog tours, where we all take turns posting our original mini-stories. The last round was for Valentine’s Day, but with all the excitement of CHA, I didn’t have time to partake.

I know it is a little late, but I want to share the blog tour links with you. If it were up to me, Valentine’s Day would be EVERY day! So check out the stories below, leave comments with the authors and check out, better yet – BUY – their books on store shelves! They will appreciate it!

The Ballad of Aracely Calderon” by Mary Castillo

“The Painting” by Mayra Calvani

“A Box of Valentines” by Jamie Martinez Wood

“Missed Connections” by Margo Candela

“Dream Catch Me” by Barbara Caridad Ferrer

OK, secondly – I just finished my cyberfriend/fellow passionate creativity blogger, Abiola Abrams’ new novel, DARE.

Four words: Smart. Saucy. Soulful. Sexy.

Back when I was heavy into my podcasting days (I plan to return to them soon!), I came across Abiola’s podcast called “The Goddess Factory”. Maybe you remember me blogging about her back then? Each episode radiated with ideas and tips for living an artful life and practicing self-empowerment at every opportunity. Abiola is based in NYC and in her recordings, you could hear the taxi horns in the background, you felt like you were right there in her living room.

I immediately felt connected to her because as much as I was into building a creative career doing what I love (art!), she was right there too. Her passion was film making and poetry. I emailed her then, and we connected briefly. Fast forward a couple of years later, and we both have come so far, almost on parallel levels. She is now connected with BET for her film making, me with Lifetime. We both wrote and sold our debut novels, etc. We’re both making a living doing what we love with multiple vines growing into all kinds of creative ventures.

Who am I kidding? Truth is, her career is like, double/TRIPLE what mine is, but it sure feels good to say “I knew her when”. I am so proud of how far she has come because she is 100% about preaching positivity! We recently chatted through MySpace, gave eachother the cyber high-five, and I am so excited to meet up with her for lunch the next time I’m in the Big Apple!

I’m telling you – check out her podcasts, her blog, all of it! Here is Abiola talking about her new book. I read it in one day, it is that good!

And last!! If you’ve been following my blog since I started, you’ll know that it was the book The Dirty Girls Social Club, by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez that got me back into reading, and ultimately writing.

I remember cooking a meal in the kitchen for la familia, and Alisa was being interviewed on CNN about her book deal. The interview was about her fresh fictional take on the modern Latina. Even better, she happened to be coming through Phoenix for a signing that week. I went, met her, bought the book, and the rest is history! I’ve been a devoted fan since.

It goes further: I spent nine months writing several drafts of my novel. I presented it to my book agent and he sent it back to me. He said it “was a good first draft” and I had a lot of work to do. I cried and figured I’d give up. Six months later, Alisa invited me to teach a writer’s shrine workshop at a Miami Chica Lit conference she organized. I came home from the trip so motivated to write, that I dove back into redoing my book. I didn’t stop until it sold to a publisher. And I know I’m not the only one who can say that about Alisa’s influence. She is more than inspiring!

Here is her blog so you can see all the cool things she is up to these days – including promoting the release of the DGSC sequel (!!!) called Dirty Girls on Top.

Wait – one more! OK, this book does not come out until this summer, but it is by one of my long,long, longtime best friends, Laurie Notaro. She has sold millions of books for good reason! I love you Laurie!

Love & light,

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