Steady…steady…keep it steady!

(Master juggler, Rudy Horn)

Lots of balls in the air right now. Our garage, entry way and living are all covered in boxes of supplies and tote treats. I have to pack them all, plus finish my workshop project samples, do the laundry, and make Maya a fluffy poodle skirt for the school play she is in. So what do I do instead?

Plan a local craft fair!

I know, I know. I must have project A.D.D. or something. Every time I’m at the last stretch of a HUGE task, I suddenly divert my attention somewhere else. Right before the Lifetime TV crew came, I decided to stucco and mosaic my fireplace. Right before CHA, it was that crazy apron.

*Sigh.* This week, my time is zeroed in on the cruise, but I got this super fun idea of having one big art fair with all the different local craft groups in town!!! A few months back I had lunch with the P.C.M. and we tossed around the idea for spring. All it took was a meeting yesterday, a few emails and we are on our way to a super fly party!

The Phoenix Craft Mafia, Las Bandidas del Arte, Arizona Crafty Burritos and the Phoenix Fridas (my group) have all agreed. We’re just waiting on the Phoenix Chapter of the Church of Craft to join in and we are set. Oh, I wanted to ask the Conspire ladies too! So, the official date is April 26, at the Duck and Decanter on 16th St. and Camelback and it is going to be a BLAST! A long time ago, I used to work as an event coordinator for these big corporate parties. It felt good to step back into that role, even if it was only for a couple of hours. Anyway, more on that event AFTER the cruise!

Another not-to-miss date that has come up: – 7 p.m., March 14th at Changing Hands Bookstore, they are hosting a panel discussion of local crafty business owners. The topic is turning your hobby into a business.

This is to celebrate National Craft Month, and to help local artists take their work to a national level! I’ve been asked to moderate, I’ll answer any questions people have on what I’ve done in my career (wholesaling, books, branding, juggling!); Becky Stern from Craft Zine will be there to talk about blogging; Linda Young from Art Unraveled will talk about pitching and teaching workshops; and Cyndi Coon of Laboratory 5 (her handmade cards are sold all over the country!) will shares her tips too. More on that event AFTER the cruise as well!

Tomorrow I’m waking up at six and hustling to get everything in order. Only two days until we leave! I can’t believe this time next week the cruise will almost be over! This time next year, my sewing book will be out, so I’m thinking of having fabric art as the theme for the next cruise. Can’t you just imagine everyone strutting on board the ship, sewing machines in tow? Love it!

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  1. How do you do it all? I’m amazed by everything that you do! I was so flabbergasted that you commented on my teeny tiny blog that it’s taken me a few days to respond to you! I feel like such a dork being too shy to respond! I was telling everyone (including my mom) “Crafty Chica commented on my blog!”
    My mom was the one that actually bought one of your books for me (as a birthday gift) a few years back. I love your work and I can only hope to achieve the success that you have! So I guess what I’m trying to say it that it means a lot to me! Thank you! And I gave my mom a hug from you because she IS an awesome seamstress! Also, she’s the one that gave me that creative eye taking me from one fabric store to the next.

  2. Girl, you are a busy bee. I do that too, last minute stuff. Don’t forget to take time out for you! By the way, I think if I would suck my gut in and limber up a bit….I would fit in a very large suitcase so I could go on the cruz! Heehee

  3. Oh man! So lovely to have found you! I have so much to catch up on – 1,000+ posts – I’m already dying over the Amy Sedaris video – I had a moment of “how do I know her?” than I just about jumped up & down! Glitter in the itty bitty jar, hope you don’t mind I borrow that idea and make some goodies for some crafty gals I know, I was at a loss as to what to put in those tiny jars that I’ve had forever! And there’s a craft cruise? You know how to party! I’ll be anxiously awaiting the details!

  4. Hey Kathy,

    I am not an official member of any of the local groups, but would love to be included in the craft fair. Let me know if that’s a possibility… Hope you are enjoying the cruise, wish I was there!

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