Tinkerbell RIP: A Pinata Tragedy

Saturday was our adorable little niece’s 3rd birthday. For weeks we recieved pretty Tinkerbell-theme e-vites reminding us about Bella’s big day and the “Think Tink” theme. Her parents went all-out to ensure her day would be special and enchanting!

We arrived at the party to find everything pink, frilly, and totally Tinkerbell. (Dora is so last year!) I’m talking the cake, the tablecloths, a bouncy castle and even Tinkerbell wrapping paper on the gifts. It was all too pretty to touch. Bella’s face beamed with a glowing smile that would warm Tinkerbell’s heart.

“Look!” Bella proudly yelled to her guests. “Tinkerbell! That’s my Tinkerbell!”

My eyes followed where Bella’s finger pointed.

I gasped.

A Tinkerbell pinata! Beautiful and glorious. Bright and cheery. A lump formed in my throat.

I’ve always repsected pinata-making as an art form. It takes so much skill and talent, and even some hardcore engineering. I’ve tried and tried and have never been able to make a pinata that I’d be proud of. So when I saw this lovely Tinkerbell, hanging by a wire above the party scene, I knew her moments were numbered. But did she know? Did Bella know? I think not! I nervously picked at the hem of my blouse, knowing that in minutes, the lives of these two lovely little ladies would forever change.

See for yourself.

“Hello, fair people! For I am Tinkerbell, and I’m here to grace Bella’s birthday party with magic, joy, and lots of love! Gather round, children, gather round!”

“OK little boy, you can see the back of my dress. Hey, what’s with the stick? Be careful with that thing, you could hurt someone!”


Yup. As you can see, the kids had a blast beating the crap out of Tink. See them clawing at the grass for the candy? Aw, I know it is all innocent fun for everyone. Except little Bella. She saw the legs go flying off and began to cry out: “They killed my Tinkerbell!”

One of her cousin’s tried to calm her down. He took off the top half of Tink and raised it over Bella’s head. “Here sweetie, you can wear her as a hat!” Bella stopped sniffling for an instant, and then screamed even louder.

Luckily her mom came to the rescue. She swiftly broke out with the goody bags that Bella had decorated before the party. Despite her watery eyes, Bella’s face lit up again as she passed out the bags to her guests. That was the end of the Tinkerbell trauma. At least for Bella.

As for Tinkerbell? I spotted her later in the night. All alone. Face down. Eating concrete.

“So I guess this is what they call Never-Never land.”

Thank you to Stacey and Ray for having us over to celebrate Bella’s big day. It was truly a fantastic party!! When we got home, Patrick and I cracked up looking at these pictures. They reminded us of that skit John Leguizamo did on his House of Buggin’ show a long time ago. And what do you know? It’s on You Tube! (click there if you can’t see the video below)

P.S. Yes, I know there is a tildy over the “n” in pinata, but I can’t figure out how to do it on Blogger…

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  1. ok, so I know I’m MUY TARDE to the party. But i’ve gotts see if this works:
    I also enjoy making piñatas.
    If it shows up, this is how to do the ñ:
    1) Type any special-character word in whichever word processor you have.
    2) Copy and paste in appropriate place.

  2. Hold down the ALT key and type in 164 using your key pad to the right of your keyboard. See…it works! ñ

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